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A vision, a mission - Grindosaur and what it will be

The mission:

To provide gamers with detailed information and helpful tools.

The vision:

To connect and empower gamers everywhere.

The gaming industry certainly has come a long way since the 1970s. It grew from a small niche only catering to nerds to a full-fledged titan – even rivaling the music and movie industry. By the end of 2018, it became the dominant sector in the entertainment industry and embraced by millions around the globe. And with more games being developed and released every single year it is far from being over anytime soon.

The massive growth of the gaming industry we experienced during the last couple of decades was only made possible through rapid technological advancements. Advancements, that brought us the internet, smart phones and – you guessed it – gaming. Not only did they change our daily lives extensively but also created new sub-industries and opportunities for thousands interested in said fields.

One of these sub-industries that formed around video games are media outlets. While not being revolutionary or new in any way, as they already existed hundreds of years prior, they were still relevant for the industries’ success at large. But to this very day, the focus lies on game coverage in form of news articles and guides without developing any further as the games industry did.

This problem is caused mainly through the usage of limited frameworks and the technical inability of their operators – much to the demise of the average gamer who desperately needs more information than currently available. And technology should never be a limiting factor when it comes to progress in any way or form.

And here is where we come in.

The Grindosaur project set out to build a custom software solution to cater to the gaming community at large to offer game databases and custom tools to step up their daily gaming experience. We think it is of utmost importance to offer communities and individuals alike an informative and welcoming environment, so everyone can grow beyond their current capabilities when it comes to knowledge and proficiency.

This empowerment will be achieved by creating detailed databases containing invaluable information about video games such as items, drop rates and more, as well as tools and apps utilizing said data. Furthermore, we want to incorporate well-written and -researched articles about upcoming content as well as how to best currently available content. In the end, we want to provide a hub for interested individuals to learn about how to improve their gaming experience and to make it easier to find and interact with like-minded people across the globe.

Insane, is it not? Let us make it happen!