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Digimon Survive - new High Quality images and expanded character biographies for Miu Shinonome and Syakomon

Published 1 year ago by Raextor, updated 1 year ago

A few days have passed since I last posted a couple Digimon Survive updates and here we are again getting the next batch of information. This time they come directly from the games main website that can be accessed here. Sadly, the whole website is mostly image based and in Japanese so we are going to have some trouble translating the information. But do not fret as Google Image Translate got us (somewhat) covered!

Truthfully, it mostly expands on what we already knew about the game and it only contains minor additions, but most importantly, we got some cleaner artwork to gaze upon. So, let us check them out. First off, we got a nicely sized full art of the main cast of Digimon Survive incorporating the games logo.

digimon survive main cast with logo

Then, we have a sharper full art image of Miu Shinonome. I know that we already had a comparable image to this one about four days ago, but this one seems to be sized more appropriately. Additionally, we now know officially that she is going to be voiced by Misaki Watada who already voiced Hikari Yagami (known as Kari Kamiya in the west) in Digimon Adventure 2020.

digimon survive miu shinonome official full art

We also got an expanded character biography, describing her as a young girl who lives in the mountainous area the extracurricular camp takes place in. She talks about the temple in the forbidden area with Saki and the other children and ends up being dragged with them into the other world. She is an oddball that fools the others around her with her eccentric behavior. Lastly, although she is Kaito’s younger sister, she frequently gets annoyed by her brother’s overprotectiveness.

Syakomon got a cleaner looking artwork as well. Additionally, we now know that Syakomon is likely to be a female as her voice actress is Asami Takano. However, this might not be set in stone for a Western release as Digimon do not have an inherent gender.

digimon survive syakomon official full art

Moreover, the description text for Syakomon reads as follows: Syakomon is a clam monster with a very hard shell. The both of them (Miu and Syakomon) get along splendidly; Syakomon being the more sensible and realistic one in stark contrast to Miu who has a tendency to act weirdly and daydreamy.

It is important to note that Syakomon was described as the daydreamy in the past. Getting official confirmation now that indeed Miu is the daydreaming one can only be explained by a translation error of multiple inhouse sources between corporate wings of Bandai Namco.

Lastly, as reported last week, Famitsu now clarified their mistake by changing the release date of Digimon Survive from ‘TBA’ to 2020. No explanation given.