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Digimon Survive update - Key art, Miu Shinonome & Syakomon

Published 11 months ago by Raextor

After a long day at work I finally had time to take a closer look at the different websites of Bandai Namco and I noticed some intriguing things I wanted to share.

Interestingly, not all pages of Bandai Namco contain the same information, which is why I have only just found the following pictures and information snippets. All the material is from Bandai Asia and was already published on April 9th.

First, there is a sharp, but quite small picture of the protagonists and their Digimon from Digimon Survive. I especially like the way Kunemon is presented in the center. It is a Digimon that rarely gets any attention but is very cool, because it digivolves to Kuwagamon!

digimon survive final protagonists key art

Then we have some pictures and a description of Miu Shinonome.

miu shinonome full art
miu shinonome dialogue
miu shinonome sly grin
miu shinonome sakura tree
miu shinonome sticking out her tongue
miu shinonome sakura tree
miu shinonome dialogue

Younger sister of Kaito Shinonome, Miu Shinonome is a mysterious girl, who often speaks in riddles and whose eccentric behaviour confuses others around her.

Additionally, we have some pictures of her partner Digimon too! It is Syakomon.

syakomon full art
dialogue protagonist syakomon afternoon
dialogue protagonist syakomon excited
dialogue protagonist syakomon

Syakomon is Miu’s partner and has a very realistic character and common-sense. That said Syakomon has a tendency to daydream, but Miu keeps him grounded.

Finally, we have several screenshots of a fight scene, in which Shellmon is portrayed. Up until now we did not know that he was in Digimon Survive. It will be interesting to see what role he is going to play.

digimon survive battle overview
digimon survive battle
digimon survive battle shellmon monzaemon
digimon survive battle monzaemon syakomon