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Digimon Survive's official delay confirmation

Published 1 year ago by Raextor, updated 1 year ago

With the year almost coming to a close, I sadly have to inform you about Bandai Namco officially delaying Digimon Survive. It was pretty evident that this would happen, but let us go over the news quickly, shall we?

So, three months ago, TOEI Animation released their latest financial report, which contained information about Digimon Survive's release date in early 2022 (March 31 at the latest). Since then, we haven't heard anything official about the game's delay as its release was still scheduled for 2021 by Bandai Namco. However, yesterday, several official Twitter accounts belonging to the Digimon franchise and Bandai Namco, respectively, tweeted an official statement from Kazumasa Habu, the Producer of Digimon Survive, talking about its delay until somewhere in 2022; due to "quality control." However, notice how they dropped the specific time frame? It is pretty evident that at this point, they should not ever announce a timeframe or a particular date if they cannot be sure to publish at precisely that date.

Furthermore, I have to ask myself what is going on with Digimon Survive's development. Sadly, neither Bandai Namco nor Kazumasa Habu shared any information regarding that, so this is all we know so far. Let us cross our fingers and hope for an actual release somewhere in 2022.

For completion's sake, I have attached the original announcement released by Bandai Namco down below.

digimon survive official delay announcement october 2021