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Digimon Super Rumble - Confirmation & what we know so far

Published 1 year ago by Raextor, updated 1 year ago

A couple of days ago, I posted a news article about a new Digimon MMO called Digimon Super Rumble and ended on the note that we all should be cautious about it as a proper announcement was still missing. But guess what happened? We got a confirmation - and tons of information (mainly images).

digimon super rumble's closed beta test promotional artwork

Official site, YouTube video, and CBT registration

The first thing to note is the official website for "Digimon Super Rumble" made available at: Alongside it, a YouTube video was released on the official MoveGames channel.

Furthermore, there's currently a CBT (Closed Beta Test) registration form available on both the website and Navar that do not appear to be geo-locked. However, both sites need to be translated using Google Translate to make sense of the forms as English ones are unavailable. Both sites also mention giveaways for partakers for completing specific tasks (defeating Devimon in-game, giving proper feedback, and more).

The story

Story-wise, we have not gotten much yet, except for a small excerpt in Korean. Roughly translated, we can gather that the game "will occur in the near future in which gamers use VR devices linked to their forebrain to interact freely with the digital world." It also talks about "mysterious phenomena that appear as cracks in the world" - very reminiscent of Digimon Adventure 01.

Playable characters

Currently, it appears that there will be four playable characters, of which two are prevalently featured on Digimon Super Rumble's press releases.

digimon super rumble's cast


Now for some in-game footage regarding playable areas. As it appears, there are currently four areas showcased: DragonEye Lake, Village of Beginnings, Gear Savannah, and Mount Infinity. As stated in an earlier article, the game's setting is Adventure 01 and heavily pulls from its world design while telling a new story.

DragonEye Lake

dragoneye lake's cliff in digimon super rumble
seadramon's lake in digimon super rumble
dragoneye lake's pond in digimon super rumble
digimon super rumble

Village of Beginnings

village of beginnings in digimon super rumble
village of beginnings' closeup in digimon super rumble
village of beginnings' overview in digimon super rumble

Gear Savannah

gear savannah's entry in digimon super rumble
gear savannah's desert in digimon super rumble
gear savannah's factory town in digimon super rumble
gear savannah's factory town crane in digimon super rumble

Mount Infinity

mount infinity's mountain range in digimon super rumble
snowy mountain range near mount infinity in digimon super rumble
mount infinity's graveyard in digimon super rumble