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New Digimon MMO called Digimon Super Rumble

Published 2 years ago by Raextor, updated 2 years ago

Digimon is on the "ReArise!" Beginning in 2020 and following up in 2021, we have gotten a lot of Digimon content, products, and shows. The card game is a hit; fans love the 2020 Adventure anime; Digimon Survive seems to be shaping up to be released this year - and now a rumor about a Digimon MMO.

digimon super rumble teaser with unnamed character and patamon

Earlier today, I was made aware by Skellybur on Twitter of a forum post on WithTheWill linking in on a Korean news article covering a supposed MMO announcement for "Digimon Super Rumble" made by Move Games (the makers behind "Digimon Masters" available on Steam).

Not much is known yet, especially since an official confirmation from Move Games is nowhere to be found (albeit the Korean article claiming its source coming directly from the game studio itself). However, we do "know" that the game will utilize the Unreal Engine 4 and pull thematically and visually from the Digimon Adventure 01 anime (as shown in the following two images). Furthermore, the article states that the game will feature original characters and new stories to give the player a sense of familiarity and nostalgia while providing a completely new experience exclusive to "Digimon Super Rumble."

cliffside with original cast and gennai in digimon super rumble
fight between devimon, agumon and patamon near the village of beginnings in digimon super rumble

As you can see on both images, "Digimon Super Rumble" relies heavily on Digimon Adventure 01, featuring the original seven partners with Gennai standing atop a cliff, and another shot showcasing a fight between a Devimon and an Agumon and Patamon teaming up to defeat it near the Village of Beginnings.

Ultimately, I recommend caution as we have no reliable information (e.g., confirmation from its developer) on the whole ordeal exempt for this one Korean news article with minimal information regarding the game itself.