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Another mention of Digimon Survive's release scheduled for 2021

Published 12 months ago by Raextor

Almost two weeks ago, I published news about Digimon Survive's release timeframe found in Toei Animations financial report scheduling its release for Fall 2021. Now, Bandai Namco Entertainment has lowkey confirmed its release for this year, albeit not announcing the game's release timeframe officially.

The source I'm pulling this information from is the newly created Digimon Game Portal residing on a subdomain of Bandai's official Japanese website.

Not much information is displayed regarding Digimon Survive; however, it lists the game for 2021 on its Digimon video game timeline page. Furthermore, this timeline page also reaffirms that the game will release on both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch; sadly, there's no mention of a PC port yet.