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Think pink - A reimagination (April Fools)

Published 8 months ago by Raextor, updated 8 months ago

As technologies and design philosophies continue to evolve, so should the projects created with them. And what better time to make announcements to change than right before a birthday. Grindosaur is about to turn two years old, and with it will come a realignment of the brand.

Of course, realignments are always a delicate matter for companies, so a restructuring must be carefully planned. Until now, Grindosaur's overly dark appearance has been both serious and elegant, as well as pleasing to the eye, since the color scheme did not strain it. This aspect should be maintained, as dark screen modes are the best thing ever to happen to the internet.

Though, the situation is different again with the spot color of the orange pastel shade. After all, orange embodies creativity, joy, and above all, warmth in contrast to dark shades. However, the main reason for its selection a good two years ago was for the sake of a trend! The trend towards pastel shades! But this time is now over, and with its end, a new style should enter. And this trend can only be described by "Think Pink!"

The pink color stands for the self and others' empowerment; it describes affection, harmony, inner peace, and accessibility. We live in times when these aspects, by lockdowns, technology, exclusion, and isolation, increasingly moved into the background. Therefore Grindosaur will set a statement here. Grindosaur's motto is not without reason: "Empowerment through information," and by employing this motto, I want to create accessibility to video games, but also each other. The realignment through the new color scheme is meant to reflect these very aspects.

Below are a few examples of what the new color scheme will look like.

grindosaur's index page redesigned for april fool's day 2021
grindosaur's digimon story cyber sleuth digivolution planner page redesigned for april fool's day 2021
grindosaur's login page redesigned for april fool's day 2021
grindosaur's digimon world next order recruitment guide redesigned for april fool's day 2021

I hope that the pictures shown will inspire you as much as they inspired me. The realignment of Grindosaur is not done light-heartedly because the old design is beautiful and recognizable, but sometimes you have to break new ground to create contemporary perspectives!

Furthermore, I cannot decide on such drastic color palette changes all by myself, so I am in dire need of your vote! Remember that the polls are open till yesterday...

Of course, I'm very interested in your feedback and would be happy to hear from you on my Discord server. Otherwise, get in touch with me via Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter!


The incredible "paint splatter" effect, or rather "blood splatter" effect as it is referred to by my family and friends, used on the article's thumbnail was only made possible by Igor Vitkovskiy's help, a talented artist and creator of numerous digital assets. He gave his permission to use the brush effect on this article's thumbnail, and I am very grateful for this. Furthermore, he did not ask to be credited or referenced in this article, but I firmly believe that one should credit where credit is due. So, if you want to learn more about his work, check out his Instagram or ArtStation profile!