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#776 Turtonator

official Turtonator artwork by Ken Sugimori

Quick facts

Name Turtonator
Type FireDragon
Species Blast Turtle Pokémon
Height 2 m (6' 7")
Weight 19.9 kg (43.9 lbs)
Catch rate 70

Turtonator's description

Turtonator is a Fire- / Dragon-type Pokémon introduced in Gen 7 and has the National Dex number #776. The Pokédex classifies it as the Blast Turtle Pokémon.

Turtonator's name in

Chinese (T / S) French German Japanese Korean
폭거북스 (Pokgeobukseu) Boumata Tortunator バクガメス (Bakugames) 爆焰龜獸 / 爆焰龟兽 (Bàoyànguīshòu)

Turtonator's resistances & weaknesses

​x ¼x ½​x ¼x 2x ½x 2x 2x ½

Turtonator's rearing


Experience Growth Medium Fast
Base Happiness 50
EV yield 2 Defense


Gender ratio 50%50%
Egg Group(s) Dragon, Monster
Egg Cycles 20 (approx. 5120 steps)

Turtonator's abilities

1st Ability 2nd Ability Hidden Ability
Shell Armor - -

Turtonator's base stats

Stats Lv. 50 Lv. 100
Min Max Min Max
HP 60
120 230 167 324
Attack 78
74 144 143 280
Defense 135
126 247 205 405
Sp. Atk 91
86 168 157 309
Sp. Def 85
81 157 150 295
Speed 36
36 69 96 188
Total 485

Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, 0 IVs, and (if applicable) a hindering nature. Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, 31 IVs, and (if applicable) a helpful nature.

Turtonator's evolutions

Turtonator has no evolutions.

Turtonator artwork by Ken Sugimori #776
Fire / Dragon

Turtonator's Pokédex entries

Gen Game Description
7SunThe shell on its back is chemically unstable and explodes violently if struck. The hole in its stomach is its weak point.
7MoonIt gushes fire and poisonous gases from its nostrils. Its dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses.
7Ultra SunIt lives in volcanoes and eats sulfur and other minerals. Materials from the food it eats form the basis of its explosive shell.
7Ultra MoonIts exploding shell poses a real danger but is sensitive to moisture. On rainy days, Turtonator takes silent refuge in caves.
8SwordExplosive substances coat the shell on its back. Enemies that dare attack it will be blown away by an immense detonation.
8ShieldEating sulfur in its volcanic habitat is what causes explosive compounds to develop in its shell. Its droppings are also dangerously explosive.