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#775 Komala

official Komala artwork by Ken Sugimori

Quick facts

Name Komala
Type Normal
Species Drowsing Pokémon
Height 0.4 m (1' 4")
Weight 0.3 kg (0.7 lbs)
Catch rate 45

Komala's description

Komala is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Gen 7 and has the National Dex number #775. The Pokédex classifies it as the Drowsing Pokémon.

Komala's name in

Chinese (T / S) French German Japanese Korean
자말라 (Jamalla) Dodoala Koalelu ネッコアラ (Nekkoara) 樹枕尾熊 / 树枕尾熊 (Shùzhěnwěixióng)

Komala's resistances & weaknesses


Komala's rearing


Experience Growth Slow
Base Happiness 70
EV yield 2 Attack


Gender ratio 50%50%
Egg Group(s) Field
Egg Cycles 20 (approx. 5120 steps)

Komala's abilities

1st Ability 2nd Ability Hidden Ability
Comatose - -

Komala's base stats

Stats Lv. 50 Lv. 100
Min Max Min Max
HP 65
125 240 172 334
Attack 115
108 211 183 361
Defense 65
63 121 128 251
Sp. Atk 75
72 139 139 273
Sp. Def 95
90 175 161 317
Speed 65
63 121 128 251
Total 480

Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, 0 IVs, and (if applicable) a hindering nature. Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, 31 IVs, and (if applicable) a helpful nature.

Komala's evolutions

Komala has no evolutions.

Komala artwork by Ken Sugimori #775

Komala's Pokédex entries

Gen Game Description
7SunIt is born asleep, and it dies asleep. All its movements are apparently no more than the results of it tossing and turning in its dreams.
7MoonThe log it holds was given to it by its parents at birth. It has also been known to cling to the arm of a friendly Trainer.
7Ultra SunIt stays asleep from the moment it's born. When it falls into a deep sleep, it stops moving altogether.
7Ultra MoonIt remains asleep from birth to death as a result of the sedative properties of the leaves that form its diet.