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Torracat artwork by Ken Sugimori

Quick facts

National Dex No. 726
Type Fire

Torracat's base stats

Stats Lv. 50 Lv. 100
Min Max Min Max
HP 65
125 240 172 334
Attack 85
81 157 150 295
Defense 50
49 94 112 218
Sp. Atk 80
76 148 145 284
Sp. Def 50
49 94 112 218
Speed 90
85 166 156 306
Total 420

Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, 0 IVs, and (if applicable) a hindering nature. Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, 31 IVs, and (if applicable) a helpful nature.

Torracat's evolutions

Litten artwork by Ken Sugimori #725
Torracat artwork by Ken Sugimori #726

Level 17

Incineroar artwork by Ken Sugimori #727
Fire / Ghost

Level 34

Torracat's Pokédex entries

Game Pokédex entry
SunAt its throat, it bears a bell of fire. The bell rings brightly whenever this Pokémon spits fire.
MoonIt boasts powerful front legs. With a single punch, it can bend an iron bar right over.
Ultra SunIt can act spoiled if it grows close to its Trainer. A powerful Pokémon, its sharp claws can leave its Trainer's whole body covered in scratches.
Ultra MoonWhen its mane is standing on end, you can tell it's feeling good. When it isn't feeling well, its fur will lie down flat.
SwordIn the midst of battle, the fire pouch on Torracat's neck rings like a bell and produces stronger flames than usual.
ShieldWhen facing a powerful enemy, Torracat's fighting spirit gets pumped up, and its fire bell blazes hotter.