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The Power of Xerneas

The Power of Xerneas hint new pokémon snap

Quick facts

NameThe Power of Xerneas
RequesteeProfessor Mirror
Research CourseRuins of Remembrance: Illumina Spot
Level2 and above

In-game hint

The Illumina energy in this area seems particularly strong. We may be able to observe Xerneas behaving in new ways here.

Request's target

The following Pokémon has to be included in the photo to count towards completion.

Xerneas artwork by Ken Sugimori


Request's solution

To complete this request, head to the Illumina Spot of Ruins of Remembrance on research level 2 or above. Pass through the first room, and proceed to the second. As you enter the second, you will spot a ball of light above a pond formed through the caved-in ceiling. Throw an Illumina Orb at it to make it land on a rocky platform and transform into Xerneas. Shortly after, it will jump over the water. Once it lands, hit it with another Illumina Orb. Now, you have to be quick. First, wake up the two Houndoom using Fluffruit. Then, lure them towards Xerneas by utilizing the scan once they are awake. If you have, the two Houndoom will start to howl and approach Xerneas. Xerneas, on the other hand, will then begin to emit rainbow-colored light rays and stand on its hind legs. Take a picture to fulfill the criteria of this request.

Request's reward