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The Mysterious Heart

The Mysterious Heart hint new pokémon snap

Quick facts

NameThe Mysterious Heart
Research CourseRuins of Remembrance: Ruins
Level1 and above

In-game hint

This shape is from… Oh, I bet you already know. See if you can get a photo of this Pokémon when it comes by!

Request's target

The following Pokémon has to be included in the photo to count towards completion.

Woobat artwork by Ken Sugimori

Psychic / Flying

Request's solution

You can complete this request on any research level of the Ruins of Remembrance. Begin by starting a research exploration into the ruins and follow the path until you go underground. On the left-hand side, a well will be situated right before you pass into the giant cavern with the Illumina statues. Make sure that you throw five Fluffruit into the well, each making a Woobat appear. They will fly away; however, while continuing onward and descending into the cavern, pan your camera to the right to see the Woobats hanging on a wall explaining how the heart-shaped patterns were imprinted onto the stones. Take a picture of them to fulfill this request.

Request's reward

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