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Just Perching Here

Just Perching Here hint new pokémon snap

Quick facts

NameJust Perching Here
Research CourseRuins of Remembrance: Ruins

In-game hint

I threw a fluffruit earlier, and a Natu came down and perched on it! It was so adorable!

Request's target

The following Pokémon has to be included in the photo to count towards completion.

Natu artwork by Ken Sugimori

Psychic / Flying

Request's solution

To complete this request, head to the Ruins of Remembrance on research level 1. Follow the narrow passage until you arrive in front of the ancient ruins. You should notice that you can target them by hovering over them. Above that targeting point, there is a small hole in the rubble. Throw a Fluffruit in it or at least at it as it will bounce back due to its hitbox, but if done correctly, a Natu will emerge from the hole, jump down and proceed to sit on the Fluffruit. Take a picture of that and finish the course to get it to count towards its completion.

Request's reward

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Rita's Hairpin

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