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Gracefully Gliding

Gracefully Gliding hint new pokémon snap

Quick facts

NameGracefully Gliding
Research CourseRuins of Remembrance: Ruins

In-game hint

I almost had the perfect shot, you know? It was just too quick for me…

Request's target

The following Pokémon has to be included in the photo to count towards completion.

Noivern artwork by Ken Sugimori

Flying / Dragon

Request's solution

To complete this request, head to the Ruins of Remembrance on research level 3. Follow the path into the ruins until you come to the spot with the giant black claw marks. There, lure a Salandit from behind the stalagmites onto the claw marks using Fluffruit and take a picture of Noivern gliding in. Afterward, a fight ensues, of which you should take a picture too as you will complete the request "Salandit's Battle Plan." Ensure that both Pokémon are present in the final image to count towards completion.

Request's reward

rita's shoe profile image

Rita's Shoe

(Profile Image)