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A Break between Patrols

A Break between Patrols hint new pokémon snap

Quick facts

NameA Break between Patrols
Research CourseRuins of Remembrance: Ruins

In-game hint

Sigilyph is always patrolling the ruins, but it takes breaks now and then, too. Try to keep your eyes on it!

Request's target

The following Pokémon has to be included in the photo to count towards completion.

Sigilyph artwork by Ken Sugimori

Psychic / Flying

Request's solution

To complete this request, head to the Ruins of Remembrance on research level 3. Follow the path into the ruins. Once you come across the well before entering the giant cavern at the end, pan your camera to the left. Proceed to pass through the rocky arch and into the cavern. Right after the passage, there is a Sigilyph resting against the wall. Snap a picture and be done with it.

Request's reward

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