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All Objects of Interest in New Pokémon Snap

In New Pokémon Snap, while you explore the Lental Region to your heart's content, you will eventually come across Objects of Interest that Professor Mirror will take an interest in. These can generally be categorized into Crystablooms, a resilient plant exclusive to the Lental Region, and Ancient Ruins, which are about 2,000 years old and allude to prior inhabitation of the island.

The following listing of all Objects of Interest shall help you to complete its corresponding Photodex section to allow you to find out about the Lental Region's secret! Was it endangered all that time ago, and what is up with the Illumina Pokémon?

To see how close you are to completing your Photodex's Objects of Interest section, please note that there are:

  • 6 Crystabloom
  • 12 Ancient Ruins

Florio Crystabloom

florio crystabloom


That's a Florio Island crystabloom. Our institute's logo was designed after this flower! We've only recently learned what makes them glow–there's still so much to learn about them.

Belusylva Crystabloom

belusylva crystabloom


That's a Belusylva Island crystabloom. This variety gives off a sweet aroma that's similar to fluffruit, so Pokémon are really enticed by it!

Voluca Crystabloom

voluca crystabloom


That's a Voluca Island crystabloom. Even in such a hit, dry environment, they bloom bright and vibrant as ever. They also seem to have properties similar to those found in minerals.

Maricopia Crystabloom

maricopia crystabloom


This crystabloom is native to the Maricopia Islands. It's remarkable how they grow and blossom under the sea. Perhaps they're biologically closer to coral or seaweed than to flowers...

Durice Crystabloom

durice crystabloom


That's a Durice Island crystabloom. They can grow and bloom even without sunlight because the Illumina energy that flows throughout Lental provides them with nourishment!

Aurus Crystabloom

aurus crystabloom


That's an Aurus Island crystabloom. They contain traces of each type of energy we've detected around Lental. We believe they may be the progenitor of all other species of crystabloom.

Ancient ruins

florio island illumina spot ancient ruins

Florio Island Illumina Spot

This is part of the ruins we've found throughout Florio. We haven't been able to reconstruct their original shape yet, so we're not sure what purpose they once served.

Ancient ruins

jungle ancient ruins


We found these ruins at the base of an enormous tree in the jungle. I wonder if the energy from these ruins had something to do with how the tree managed to grow so huge.

Ancient ruins

forest ancient ruins


These ruins were deep in the forest. Judging by how widely they were distributed, it seems likely they used to be part of a group of relatively small structures.

Ancient ruins

belusylva island illumina spot ancient ruins

Belusylva Island Illumina Spot

We found these ruins submerged in the lake. It looks like the lake formed in a deep recess created by some kind of tremendous impact.

Ancient ruins

undersea ancient ruins


This is part of the ruins we found on the seabed. We suspect they used to be on dry land and possibly served as a sort of altar where rituals were held to quell...something.

Ancient ruins

volcano ancient ruins


This is part of the ruins we found inside the volcano. Those arches we saw may have served as an entrance to a deeper inner sanctum.

Ancient ruins

voluca island illumina spot ancient ruins

Voluca Island Illumina Spot

This is a part of ruins we found in the crater. They were mostly buried, but they seemed similar to the arches we saw earlier in the volcano. How did the people who build them get here?

Ancient ruins

snowfields ancient ruins


These ruins were in the ice cave in the snowfields. They seem to have been built with the cave's natural structure in mind. It's a shame they've been sealed shut by all that ice.

Ancient ruins

cave ancient ruins


We found these ruins deep beneath the earth. I suspect the glowing stones in the ceiling were also part of the ruins. Perhaps their light helped nourish the surrounding plant life.

Ancient ruins

durice island illumina spot ancient ruins

Durice Island Illumina Spot

We found this roughly 2,000-year-old mural deep inside the cave. Unfortunately, because that center-right piece of the image is missing, we can't tell what the mural depicts.

Ancient ruins

ruins ancient ruins

Ruins (Aurus)

That's the entrance to the Ruins of Remembrance. The ruins themselves practically span the entire island, and they're in beautiful condition. I hope to uncover all their secrets someday.

Ancient ruins

aurus island illumina spot ancient ruins

Aurus Island Illumina Spot

This mural depicts a scene from the legends. It shows the six Illumina Pokémon coming together to stop the meteorite. It seems to be the same as the mural in Outaway Cave.