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Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot

Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot map

Quick facts

NameOutaway Cave: Illumina Spot
Type Research Course
Part ofOutaway Cave

Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot's description

Steelix, the Illumina Pokémon of Durice Island, can be found in the wide-open areas of this deep, underground cave system.

Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot's unlock requirement

The Outaway Cave's Illumina Spot unlocks after reaching the second research level of the regular Outaway Cave's cave system.

Research Points needed to level up

Lv. 2MAX Lv.

This table showcases the required Research Experience you must accumulate to reach the next level of the course. Upon reaching the next level, you must collect the displayed amount of experience, as experience does not roll over from level to level.

Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot's alternative routes

The Outaway Cave Illumina Spot has a single alternative route close to the end of the course. After crossing the giant chasm harboring a physics-defying Steelix, you will come across a hole in the wall to your left. Through it, you can take a glimpse at an ancient ruin. Use your scan and select this route to end up in an enormous room with a mural depicting a long-forgotten catastrophe.

Pokémon found in Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot

Steelix artwork by Ken Sugimori

Steel / Ground

Level 1

Joltik artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Electric

Level 2

Carbink artwork by Ken Sugimori

Rock / Fairy

Level 2

Noibat artwork by Ken Sugimori

Flying / Dragon

Level 2

Sableye artwork by Ken Sugimori

Dark / Ghost

Level 2

Outaway Cave: Illumina Spot's requests