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Founja Jungle: Jungle (Night)

Founja Jungle: Jungle (Night) map

Quick facts

NameFounja Jungle: Jungle (Night)
Type Research Course
Part ofFounja Jungle

Founja Jungle: Jungle (Night)'s description

Many Pokémon in the jungle become more active during the quiet of night, as if drawn to the glowing vegetation.

Founja Jungle: Jungle (Night)'s unlock requirement

The Founja Jungle nighttime course unlocks after reaching the second research level of the Founja Jungle's daytime course.

Research Points needed to level up

Lv. 2MAX Lv.

This table showcases the required Research Experience you must accumulate to reach the next level of the course. Upon reaching the next level, you must collect the displayed amount of experience, as experience does not roll over from level to level.

Founja Jungle: Jungle (Night)'s alternative routes

During the nighttime, the Founja Jungle offers three alternative routes throughout the jungle. The first route you can come across is only accessible during a nighttime exploration of the Founja Jungle at first. However, it will become available for the daytime course after its discovery. To learn how to access it, you have to throw an Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom in front of the tall grass close to Quagsire's pond and then scan the illuminated paws leading into the foliage. After doing so, you can select the alternative route by confirming your selection by holding X.

The following alternative route is exclusive to the nighttime version of the Founja Jungle. To access it, start a research expedition and follow the regular path until you come to Quagsire's pond. Do not take the alternative route to the left, but follow the path until you reach a clearing to your right. Pan your camera to the right and up; you should see a small cliff with a Liepard sleeping on it. Throw an Illumina Orb at it and then pester it with Fluffruit. It will not get up immediately, so do not freak out. Now, follow the regular path until you arrive at the cliffside with an inclined growing tree. The Liepard should have followed you by now. Now, look into the tree top and see another Liepard standing on one of the bigger branches. Toss an Illumina Orb at it to make it jump onto your NEO-ONE, making you drop off the tree trunk. Now, you are on an alternative path closer to the jungle ruins.

The last alternative route leads behind the waterfalls. Again, as in the daytime counterpart, a Liepard is involved. However, it is already sleeping on the stone pillar close to the waterfalls this time. To wake it up, you have to play the melody. Once you do, it will get up, stretch and vanish into the undergrowth. This vanishing is your chance to utilize your scan to select this alternative route leading behind the waterfalls.

Pokémon found in Founja Jungle: Jungle (Night)

Magikarp artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Bounsweet artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Metapod artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Arbok artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Yanmega artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Flying

Level 1

Pikipek artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Flying

Level 1

Toucannon artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Flying

Level 1

Ariados artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Poison

Level 1

Morelull artwork by Ken Sugimori

Grass / Fairy

Level 1

Liepard artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Wooper artwork by Ken Sugimori

Water / Ground

Level 1

Quagsire artwork by Ken Sugimori

Water / Ground

Level 1

Ledian artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Flying

Level 1

Vivillon artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Flying

Level 2

Slaking artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 2

Swampert artwork by Ken Sugimori

Water / Ground

Level 2

Leafeon artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 2

Mew artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 2

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