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Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot

Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot map

Quick facts

NameFireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot
Type Research Course
Part ofFireflow Volcano

Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot's description

Volcarona, the Illumina Pokémon of Voluca Island, can be found here in the region's largest volcano, which boasts not one but two craters.

Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot's unlock requirement

The Fireflow Volcano's Illumina Spot becomes available after completing the forest portion of Elsewhere Forest at least once.

Research Points needed to level up

Lv. 2MAX Lv.

This table showcases the required Research Experience you must accumulate to reach the next level of the course. Upon reaching the next level, you must collect the displayed amount of experience, as experience does not roll over from level to level.

Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot's alternative routes

The Fireflow Illumina Spot has two distinct routes that can be considered alternatives, depending on your selected research level. Both levels start at the same starting point; however, the second level takes a detour through the first volcanoes chamber, whereas the first skips it. The routes inside the second chamber are also distinctively different compared to one another.

Pokémon found in Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot

Volcarona artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Fire

Level 1

Talonflame artwork by Ken Sugimori

Fire / Flying

Level 2

Monferno artwork by Ken Sugimori

Fire / Fighting

Level 2

Archeops artwork by Ken Sugimori

Rock / Flying

Level 2

Fireflow Volcano: Illumina Spot's requests