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Elsewhere Forest: Forest

Elsewhere Forest: Forest map

Quick facts

NameElsewhere Forest: Forest
Type Research Course
Part ofElsewhere Forest

Elsewhere Forest: Forest's description

A mysterious power within this foggy forest seems to have uncoupled the climate from the flow of time.

Elsewhere Forest: Forest's unlock requirement

The forest portion of the Elsewhere Forest unlocks after reaching the Fireflow Volcano's second research level.

Research Points needed to level up

Lv. 2Lv. 3MAX Lv.

This table showcases the required Research Experience you must accumulate to reach the next level of the course. Upon reaching the next level, you must collect the displayed amount of experience, as experience does not roll over from level to level.

Elsewhere Forest: Forest's alternative routes

The Elsewhere Forest is a very peculiar region to explore as it offers quite a few different routes for you to choose from. Generally speaking, two alternative pathways are available. Yet, your exploration will lead you into parts of the forest with unique environmental conditions causing them to be stuck in a single season—more on how to access each season after covering the alternative routes.

The first alternative route you come across during your exploration is only available from research level 2 onward. Right at the beginning, you will come across an area with a floating boulder to your right. Play the melody, and the Trevenant nearby will joyfully make way for you to select another route after scanning. Follow it to get access to 2 different parts of the forest.

The second route becomes available after venturing through one of the four seasonal biomes and returning into the foggy portion of the forest. Upon return, you must complete Deerling's event at least once to permanently unlock the second alternative route. So, what do you have to do to achieve that? Activate the first two Crystablooms you come across, and then, once you get to the Crystablooms situated right behind each other, only illuminate the latter. Then, progress further until you come across another Crystabloom. Activate this one too, and watch an Espeon, Deerling, and Sawsbuck gather around it. Follow the path a bit further until you encounter a scan prompt. Proceed to scan it and select the alternative route right after to permanently be able to choose this route without having to go through the event a second time.

Lastly, as promised above, here is how to affect the seasonal biome selection.

  • The Spring season becomes accessible by feeding Espeon a Fluffruit.
  • The Summer season becomes accessible by throwing an Illumina Orb at Espeon.
  • The Autumn season becomes accessible by selecting the first alternative route and feeding Espeon a Fluffruit.
  • The Winter season becomes accessible by selecting the first alternative route and throwing an Illumina Orb at Espeon.

However, if you do not interact with Espeon to manipulate the biome selection or hit it with a Fluffruit, your game will randomly choose a biome for you.

Pokémon found in Elsewhere Forest: Forest

Trevenant artwork by Ken Sugimori

Ghost / Grass

Level 1

Espurr artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Shiftry artwork by Ken Sugimori

Grass / Dark

Level 1

Kecleon artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Deerling artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Grass

Level 1

Sawsbuck artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Grass

Level 1

Unfezant artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Flying

Level 1

Drampa artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Dragon

Level 1

Pancham artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 1

Bulbasaur artwork by Ken Sugimori

Grass / Poison

Level 1

Applin artwork by Ken Sugimori

Grass / Dragon

Level 1

Bewear artwork by Ken Sugimori

Normal / Fighting

Level 1

Lotad artwork by Ken Sugimori

Water / Grass

Level 1

Celebi artwork by Ken Sugimori

Psychic / Grass

Level 1

Serperior artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 2

Gardevoir artwork by Ken Sugimori

Psychic / Fairy

Level 2

Ninetales artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 2

Vivillon artwork by Ken Sugimori

Bug / Flying

Level 3

Espeon artwork by Ken Sugimori


Level 3

Elsewhere Forest: Forest's requests