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Pulverizing Pancake

Quick facts

Name Pulverizing Pancake
Type Normal
Category Physical
Power 210
Accuracy -
PP 1
Introduced in Gen 7

Pulverizing Pancake's name in

Chinese (T / S) French German Japanese Korean
- Gare au Ronflex Schluss mit lustig ほんきをだすこうげき (Honki o Dasu Kōgeki) 진심의공격 (Jinsim-ui Gonggyeok)

Pulverizing Pancake's in-game description

Gen Game Description
7Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra MoonZ-Power brings out the true capabilities of the user, Snorlax. The Pokémon moves its enormous body energetically and attacks the target with full force.
8Sword, ShieldThis move can't be used. It's recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can't be remembered.