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Hunger Switch

Quick facts

NameHunger Switch
Introduced inGen 8
Pokémon count2

Hunger Switch's name in

Chinese (T / S)FrenchGermanJapaneseKorean
飽了又餓 / 饱了又饿Déclic FringaleHeißhungerはらぺこスイッチ꼬르륵스위치

Hunger Switch's in-game description

8Sword, ShieldThe Pokémon changes its form, alternating between its Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode after the end of each turn.

Pokémon with Hunger Switch

No. #PokemonType2nd AbilityHidden Ability
877Morpeko (Full Belly Mode)ElectricDark--
877Morpeko (Hangry Mode)ElectricDark--

Hunger Switch as a Hidden Ability

There is no Pokémon with Hunger Switch as a Hidden Ability.