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Fur Coat

Quick facts

Name Fur Coat
Introduced in Gen 6
Pokémon count 2

Fur Coat's name in

Chinese (T / S) French German Japanese Korean
毛皮大衣 (Máopí Dàyī / Mòuhpèih Daaihyī) Toison Épaisse Fellkleid ファーコート (Fur Coat) 퍼코트 (Fur Coat)

Fur Coat's in-game description

Gen Game Description
6X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha SapphireHalves damage from physical moves.
7Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra MoonHalves the damage from physical moves.
8Sword, ShieldHalves the damage from physical moves.

Pokémon with Fur Coat

No. #PokemonType2nd AbilityHidden Ability
053Alolan PersianDarkTechnicianRattled

Fur Coat as a Hidden Ability

There is no Pokémon with Fur Coat as a Hidden Ability.