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The Pokédex contains much data useful to the beginner and veteran Pokémon players alike. It helps out in raising one's favorite creatures, reveals intriguing lore, and provides basic knowledge every trainer needs to prepare to become the very best there ever was and catch them all!


Battling both wild and trained Pokémon lies at the heart of every mainline Pokémon game. These fights are defined through the strategic use of Physical, Special, or Status-inflicting moves and range from sleep-inducing spores to electric shocks and end with rock slides. To help new and old trainers alike, we compiled a list of every attack available to increase your chance of defeating your foes.


Every Pokémon and its moves get categorized into 18 different types making up an elaborate system of strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses often follow tropes of popular culture, making them easy to remember. If you need help memorizing type advantages or are interested in seeing which types contain which Pokémon and moves, then look no further as we compiled this information here.

Game Mechanics

The Pokémon franchise saw many exciting features introduced to the mainline games, some of which were heavily modified, reworked, or cut throughout the Generations. These features include the player's ability to breed Pokémon, raise them through specialized training, and teach them moves the Pokémon cannot learn on their own. Therefore, since these features are so manifold, we created detailed explanations of these game mechanics listed in our game mechanic's overview.


Every species of Pokémon possesses different Abilities, ranging from regular to hidden ones, giving them manifold advantages in battles and the overworld. These abilities range from specific resistances to weather manipulation and the restoration of hit points. To help you find Pokémon possessing specific Abilities, we created a searchable overview listing all Abilities with detailed subpages for each entry.

Egg Groups

Becoming a successful Pokémon breeder means to know which Pokémon can interbreed. Luckily, you do not have to learn every possible combination there is, you need to know to which Egg Group your Pokémon belongs. Continue by looking up the Egg Group in question and see a list of Pokémon that can breed with your Pokémon. Let us get started!

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