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All Requests in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

This page contains a list of all requests available in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The main page includes an overview of every request and their relevant information, like quest giver. Click a request's name to see a detailed page with general information about said request, its completion requirements, and possible rewards.

The table is sortable by clicking a column header and searchable by using the input field above it.

Elder Fugen's ErrandFugen the Elder
Thick, Gooey DangoYomogi the Chef
Bunny Dango—with Eggs!Yomogi the Chef
A Dango a DayYomogi the Chef
Only the Good EggsYomogi the Chef
Flying BillboardsCanyne Master Inukai
Cultural ExchangeRondine the Trader
Economic StimulationRondine the Trader
Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp SecurityKagero the Merchant
Frost Islands Sub-Camp SecurityKagero the Merchant
Frost Islands Sub-Camp MaterialsKagero the Merchant
Flooded Forest Sub-Camp SecurityKagero the Merchant
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp SecurityKagero the Merchant
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp MaterialsKagero the Merchant
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp SecurityKagero the Merchant
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp MaterialsKagero the Merchant
Endemic Life: Rock LizardSenior Hunter Hanenaga
20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered!Senior Hunter Hanenaga
30 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered!Senior Hunter Hanenaga
Folding InspirationHanamori the Guide
Big Brushes for Big GoalsShiika the Poet
Boom-Boom, Bombadgy!Komitsu the Sweettooth
Hinami's New InventoryUmbrella Merchant Hinami
An Egg-cellent Idea?High Rank Hunter Ayame
Gift for a GreenhornHigh Rank Hunter Ayame
Kagero's TrialKagero the Merchant
A Token of GratitudeWakana the Greengrocer
The Radiant RhinoSenior Hunter Hanenaga
ArZZZZzzzzurosKomitsu the Sweettooth
Nab-a-Los!Guild Master Hojo
Kamura's HandymanFugen the Elder
Overflowing with Furry FriendsFugen the Elder
Deliver Palamute Gear MaterialsCanyne Master Inukai
Palamute Gear Mass ProductionCanyne Master Inukai
Pala-marketing SupportCanyne Master Inukai
How to Train Your PalamuteCanyne Master Inukai
Master Palamute TrainerCanyne Master Inukai
Palamute Equipment Crash CourseCanyne Master Inukai
Palamute Equipment EnrepeneurshipCanyne Master Inukai
Spelunker Maintenance Mission!Gatlyn the Researcher
Jungle Sub-Camp SecurityOboro the Merchant
Citadel Sub-Camp SecurityOboro the Merchant
Cutesy Crab Pose?Fran the Stalwart
Tacky PhotoFran the Stalwart
Chevalier's Sleepy SolutionSelva the Chevalier
Prized Mushroom PickerPaz the Chevalier
A Fine, Fire-Breathing BuddyPingarh the Sailor
Sprout SearchOboro the Merchant
Combo WizardryPhino the Sailor
Lagombi in the MoonlightAzuki the Cook
Good Guts for GunlancesMaster Arlow
Ultimate UpgradeAdmiral Galleus
Not a Mer-Made-Up Story!Rowan the Sailor
No YOU get 'Em!Culan the Researcher
Amber BrillianceSir Ertz
Cool Coal Discovery!Flur the Sailor
Researcher's RequestCalgo the Researcher
Red Hell Hunter's HintRed Hell Hunter
Edgy ArrowsDame Luchika
Elder Dragon DelightsPaz the Chevalier
Twister ElixirDoctor Tadori
Hand-Me-Down TrialDame Fiorayne
Black Hell Hunter's HintBlack Hell Hunter
Bag a BariothAdmiral Galleus
New Mask MissionMaster Arlow
Gore Magala MissionSelva the Chevalier
Violent NaturePasapato the Historian
Espinas EntanglementPhino the Sailor
Bag a Bazel, Yeah?Master Arlow
Giant in the Frost Islands?Flur the Sailor
In Cahoots for Cohoot PicsPasapato the Historian
Cursed Buddy Gear?Sue the Researcher
Fur Requiting KogarashiWandering Felyne Supy
Resplendent Red RequestWandering Felyne Supy
A Great Gift for Your BuddiesSue the Researcher
Palamute Gear Power UpGatlyn the Researcher
Healer Upgrade Campaign!Wandering Felyne Supy
Assist Upgrade Campaign!Rowan the Sailor
Bombardier Upgrade Campaign!Sue the Researcher
Gatherer Upgrade Campaign!Tartar the Sailor
Fighter Upgrade Campaign!Ziretta the Sailor
Buddy CommitmentBuddy Agent Nagi
Tough Training ToolsBuddy Agent Nagi
Grueling Training GroundsBuddy Agent Nagi
Top-Notch Training ToolsBuddy Agent Nagi