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All techniques in Digimon World 1

This overview contains a wealth of information on all the available battle techniques a Digimon can utilize in Digimon World. Battling Digimon is a core component of Digimon World's story progression, and each little step forward will increase the game's difficulty. Therefore, increasing your partner's strength and expertise is a vital part of the game, including acquiring new methods to beat your foes. Click a technique's name to see a detailed page with general information and learn which Digimon can use or teach said technique.

You will learn new battle techniques through the following five ways:

  1. By battling other Digimon: Acquiring techniques by battling other Digimon is the most common way to learn new techniques. If the Digimon you are fighting uses a move that your Digimon could utilize, then there's a chance that your Digimon will learn it after the battle concludes. Usually, you will not even be after specific techniques but simply following another objective when picking up a new technique. However, if you are after one particular technique, you might need to bring some time as your Digimon might not learn it outright.
  2. Training the Brains stat: Training your Digimon's Brains stat at the blackboard in the Green Gym located in Native Forest is a decent, yet inefficient, way of learning new techniques. Every time you increase your Digimon's Brains stat this way, there is a small chance that your Digimon learns a technique not yet known that is available to it.
  3. Through Digivolution: Sometimes, your Digimon will Digivolve into a new Digimon that cannot utilize any technique acquired previously. If this case occurs, your Digimon will learn the weakest battle technique available to it.
  4. Through interacting with Seadramon: Fishing up the Lake Guardian Seadramon will give you the option to learn a new technique from him. Selecting this option will teach you an Ice-based battle technique from a small selection of weak Ice attacks. This process can be repeated several times and does not depend on your Digimon's capability of learning Ice-based battle moves.
  5. Through interacting with Kabuterimon: In Beetle Land, a Kabuterimon will teach your partner the Bug technique if your Digimon possesses at least 500 stat points in both Defense and Speed. This occurs regardless of whether your Digimon can learn the move or not.
digimon world Ice iconBubbleIceTechnique6 - 110--
digimon world Fire iconFire TowerFireTechnique15581Stun
digimon world Fire iconProminence BeamFireTechnique444183Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Fire iconSpit FireFireTechnique6630-
digimon world Fire iconRed InfernoFireTechnique210171-
digimon world Fire iconMagma BombFireTechnique279132Confusion
digimon world Fire iconHeat LaserFireTechnique84105Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Fire iconInifinity BurnFireTechnique488264Stun
digimon world Fire iconMeltdownFireTechnique400318Stun
digimon world Battle iconTremarBattleTechnique178168-
digimon world Battle iconMuscle ChargeBattleTechnique066-
digimon world Battle iconWar CryBattleTechnique042-
digimon world Battle iconSonic JabBattleTechnique5218-
digimon world Battle iconDynamite KickBattleTechnique19399Stun
digimon world Battle iconCounterBattleTechnique285165Confusion
digimon world Battle iconMegaton PunchBattleTechnique320186Stun
digimon world Battle iconBuster DiveBattleTechnique500258Confusion
digimon world Air iconThunder JusticeAirTechnique586330Stun
digimon world Air iconSpinning ShotAirTechnique389150-
digimon world Air iconElectric CloudAirTechnique12069Stun
digimon world Air iconMegalo SparkAirTechnique382174Stun
digimon world Air iconStatic ElectAirTechnique8545Stun
digimon world Air iconWind CutterAirTechnique17893-
digimon world Air iconConfused StormAirTechnique225216Confusion
digimon world Air iconHurricaneAirTechnique366255Confusion
digimon world Earth iconPoison PowderEarthTechnique117171Poison
digimon world Earth iconBugEarthTechnique500354Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Earth iconMass MorphEarthTechnique030-
digimon world Earth iconInsect PlagueEarthTechnique5896Poison
digimon world Earth iconCharm PerfumeEarthTechnique180210Confusion
digimon world Earth iconPoison ClawEarthTechnique6251Poison
digimon world Earth iconDanger StingEarthTechnique157102Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Earth iconGreen TrapEarthTechnique310147Stun
digimon world Ice iconGiga FreezeIceTechnique264120Stun
digimon world Ice iconIce StatueIceTechnique424186Stun
digimon world Ice iconWinter BlastIceTechnique120165Stun
digimon world Ice iconIce NeedleIceTechnique12678Stun
digimon world Ice iconWater BlitIceTechnique211102-
digimon world Ice iconAqua MagicIceTechnique036-
digimon world Ice iconAurora FreezeIceTechnique430258Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Ice iconTear DropIceTechnique6042Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Mech iconPower CraneMechTechnique226126-
digimon world Mech iconAll Range BeamMechTechnique573330-
digimon world Mech iconMetal SprinterMechTechnique150165-
digimon world Mech iconPulse LaserMechTechnique389168-
digimon world Mech iconDelete ProgramMechTechnique430219Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Mech iconDG DimensionMechTechnique722420-
digimon world Mech iconFull PotentialMechTechnique099-
digimon world Mech iconReverse ProgMechTechnique256297Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Filth iconOdor SprayFilthTechnique8875Stun
digimon world Filth iconPoop Spd TossFilthTechnique12296Poison
digimon world Filth iconBig Poop TossFilthTechnique211192Confusion
digimon world Filth iconBig Rnd TossFilthTechnique211282Confusion
digimon world Filth iconPoop Rnd TossFilthTechnique75120Poison
digimon world Filth iconRnd Spd TossFilthTechnique122216Poison
digimon world Filth iconHorizontal KickFilthTechnique5324-
digimon world Filth iconUlt Poop HellFilthTechnique333333Flat (pixelated)
digimon world Fire iconBlaze BlastFireFinisher174120--
digimon world Fire iconPepper BreathFireFinisher89120--
digimon world Battle iconLovely AttackBattleFinisher230120--
digimon world Fire iconFireballFireFinisher155120--
digimon world Battle iconDeath ClawBattleFinisher180120--
digimon world Fire iconMega FlameFireFinisher196120--
digimon world Fire iconHowling BlasterFireFinisher183120--
digimon world Filth iconParty timeFilthFinisher100120--
digimon world Air iconElectric ShockAirFinisher92120--
digimon world Mech iconAbduction BeamMechFinisher222120--
digimon world Mech iconSmiley BombMechFinisher225120--
digimon world AIR iconSpnning NeedleAIRFinisher152120--
digimon world Fire iconSpiral TwisterFireFinisher91120--
digimon world Air iconBoom BubbleAirFinisher85120--
digimon world Earth iconSweet BreathEarthFinisher130120--
digimon world Earth iconBit BombEarthFinisher232120--
digimon world Mech iconDeadly BombMechFinisher260120--
digimon world Battle iconDrill SpinBattleFinisher150120--
digimon world Air iconElectric ThreadAirFinisher94120--
digimon world Mech iconEnergy BombMechFinisher214120--
digimon world Mech iconGenoside AttackMechFinisher215120--
digimon world Mech iconGiga Scissor ClawMechFinisher215120--
digimon world Mech iconDark ShotMechFinisher200120--
digimon world Battle iconPummel WhackBattleFinisher170120--
digimon world Air iconHand of FateAirFinisher166120--
digimon world Air iconDark ClawAirFinisher143120--
digimon world Air iconAerial AttackAirFinisher153120--
digimon world Ice iconBone BoomerangIceFinisher148120--
digimon world Air iconSolar RayAirFinisher167120--
digimon world Ice iconHydro PressureIceFinisher155120--
digimon world Ice iconIce BlastIceFinisher162120--
digimon world Battle iconIga School Knife ThrowBattleFinisher150120--
digimon world Ice iconBlasting SpoutIceFinisher150120--
digimon world Battle iconFist of the Beast KingBattleFinisher170120--
digimon world Battle iconDark Network & Concert CrushBattleFinisher202120--
digimon world Fire iconElectro ShockerFireFinisher170120--
digimon world Fire iconMeteor WingFireFinisher158120--
digimon world Ice iconSuper SlapIceFinisher91120--
digimon world Fire iconNightmare SyndromerFireFinisher222120--
digimon world Fire iconFrozen Fire ShotFireFinisher159120--
digimon world Earth iconPoison IvyEarthFinisher101120--
digimon world Fire iconBlue BlasterFireFinisher90120--
digimon world Battle iconScissor ClawBattleFinisher172120--
digimon world Air iconSuper Thunder StrikeAirFinisher100120--
digimon world Mech iconSpiral SwordMechFinisher210120--
digimon world Ice iconVariable DartsIceFinisher153120--
digimon world Fire iconVolcanic StrikeFireFinisher160120--
digimon world Ice iconSubzero Ice PunchIceFinisher157120--
digimon world Mech iconInfinity CannonMechFinisher777120--
digimon world Fire iconCrimson FlareFireFinisher213120--
digimon world move placeholder iconGlacial Blast-Finisher00--
digimon world Ice iconMail StromeIceFinisher211120--
digimon world Fire iconHigh Electro ShockerFireFinisher218120--