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Quick Facts

Happymushrm icon digimon world
Name Happymushrm
Price 1000 BITs

In-game description

Boost Happiness, but risky

Happymushrm provides the following benefits

Energy Weight Tiredness Happiness Sickness
15 1 -30 30 30

Favorite food of

Icon Name Stage Type
Kunemon icon digimon world Kunemon Rookie Virus
Bakemon icon digimon world Bakemon Champion Virus

Happymushrm spawns in

Subarea Name Area Name Area Description Chance
TROP06 Amida Forest Centarumon's maze 8%
KODA03 Ancient Glacial Region Entrance to the Ancient Speedy Region 4%
MAYO11 Drill Tunnel Entrance Drill Tunnel Entrance 2%
GCAN05 Fortress Entrance Ogre Fortress' entrance screen 3%
GIAS00 Gear Savanna Gear Savanna's entrance 3%
GIAS03 Gear Savanna Patamon's encounter screen 2%
GIAS06A Gear Savanna Second half of the month: Recycling Shop not present 3%
GIAS06B Gear Savanna First half of the month: Recycling Shop present 3%
STIC02 Geko Swamp Geko Swamp's toilet screen; Otamamon's encounter screen 3%
GCAN06 Great Canyon Bot. Area Elevator to Birdramon's Nest 3%
GCAN01 Great Canyon Entrance Great Canyon's invisible bridge screen 3%
GCAN02 Great Canyon Top Area Great Canyon Top screen after using Ogre Fortress' elevator 1%
TROP04 Mangrove Region Betamon's encounter screen 4%
MIST01 Misty Trees Geko Swamp's entrance coming from Misty Trees 4%
MIST02 Misty Trees MoriShellmon's encounter screen (3 of them) 2%
MIST06 Misty Trees Gabumon's encounter screen 3%
MIHA01 Mt. Panorama Plains Mamemon's encounter screen 7%
MIHA05 Mt. Panorama Spore Area Unimon's encounter screen 6%
MIHA06 Mt. Panorama Spore Area Vademon's encounter screen 4%
MAYO00 Native Forest Agumon's encounter screen 3%
MAYO01_2 Native Forest Native Forest's Path to Mt. Panorama blocked 5%
MAYO02 Native Forest Kunemon's encounter screen 5%
MAYO02_2 Native Forest Native Forest's Path to Mt. Panorama opened up 5%
DGHA02 Overdell Cemetery Bakemon's encounter screen 3%
TROP03 Tropical Jungle Vegiemon's encounter screen 7%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.