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Sage Fruit

Quick Facts

Sage Fruit icon digimon world
Name Sage Fruit
Price 5000 BITs

In-game description

Boost Brains +20!

Sage Fruit provides the following benefits

Energy Weight Brains
20 2 20

Favorite food of

Icon Name Stage Type
Angemon icon digimon world Angemon Champion Vaccine

Sage Fruit drops from

Icon Name Stage Type Chance
Piddomon icon digimon world Piddomon Champion Vaccine 10%

Sage Fruit spawns in

Subarea Name Area Name Area Description Chance
KODA07 Ancient Speedy Region Meteormon's encounter screen 1%
FRZL14 Freezeland Freezeland screen with 2 Moyjamon 1%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.