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Medium MP

Quick Facts

Medium MP icon digimon world
NameMedium MP
Price800 BITs

In-game description

Med. MP: recover +1500 MP

Medium MP drops from

Darkrizamon icon digimon worldDarkrizamonRookieVirus10%
Devimon icon digimon worldDevimonChampionVirus30%
Icemon icon digimon worldIcemonRookieVaccine10%
SnowAgumon icon digimon worldSnowAgumonRookieVaccine10%
Soulmon icon digimon worldSoulmonChampionVirus10%

Medium MP spawns in

Subarea NameArea NameArea DescriptionChance
TROP06Amida ForestCentarumon's maze25%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.

Medium MP lootable from chests

Subarea NameArea NameArea Description
MAYO10Dragon Eye LakeDragon Eye Lake's northern fishing spot
MIHA05Mt. Panorama Spore AreaUnimon's encounter screen

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several lootable item containers.