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Orange bana

Quick Facts

Orange bana icon digimon world
NameOrange bana
Price1000 BITs

In-game description

Fully recovers HP and MP

Orange bana provides the following benefits

EnergyWeightHeal HPHeal MP

Favorite food of

Etemon icon digimon worldEtemonUltimateVirus
MetalEtemon icon digimon worldMetalEtemonUltimateVaccine

Orange bana spawns in

Subarea NameArea NameArea DescriptionChance
TROP06Amida ForestCentarumon's maze2%
TROP01Tropical JungleTropical Jungle map Coelamon brings you to3%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.