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Blue apple

Quick Facts

Blue apple icon digimon world
Name Blue apple
Price 1000 BITs

In-game description

Makes Digimon happy

Blue apple provides the following benefits

Energy Weight Happiness
30 3 50

Favorite food of

Icon Name Stage Type
Whamon icon digimon world Whamon Champion Vaccine
Megadramon icon digimon world Megadramon Ultimate Virus
Gigadramon icon digimon world Gigadramon Ultimate Data

Blue apple spawns in

Subarea Name Area Name Area Description Chance
MAYO08A Digimon Bridge Digimon Bridge repaired 4%
MAYO08B Digimon Bridge Digimon Bridge destroyed 4%
MAYO03 Native Forest Palmon's encounter screen 4%
MAYO04A Native Forest Etemon's encounter screen 3%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.