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Quick Facts

Sirloin icon digimon world
Name Sirloin
Price 1500 BITs

In-game description

Makes Digimon very full.

Sirloin provides the following benefits

Energy Weight Tiredness Happiness
35 3 -5 3

Favorite food of

Icon Name Stage Type
Greymon icon digimon world Greymon Champion Vaccine
Airdramon icon digimon world Airdramon Champion Vaccine
Leomon icon digimon world Leomon Champion Vaccine
Nanimon icon digimon world Nanimon Champion Virus
Panjyamon icon digimon world Panjyamon Champion Data

Sirloin drops from

Icon Name Stage Type Chance
Hyogamon icon digimon world Hyogamon Champion Virus 10%

Sirloin lootable from chests

Subarea Name Area Name Area Description
YAKA14 Grey Lord's Mansion Grey Lord's Mansion's kitchen screen
MGEN06 Mt. Infinity Mt. Infinity Level 6, Devimon's encounter screen
OGRE04 Ogre Fortress Ogre Fortress' storage room

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several lootable item containers.