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Quick Chip

Quick Facts

Quick Chip icon digimon world
NameQuick Chip
Price9999 BITs
Merit Points800

In-game description

Boost max Speed level +50

Quick Chip drops from

Devimon icon digimon worldDevimonChampionVirus100%
Digitamamon icon digimon worldDigitamamonUltimateData100%
Mamemon icon digimon worldMamemonUltimateData100%
Ninjamon icon digimon worldNinjamonChampionData100%

Quick Chip lootable from chests

Subarea NameArea NameArea Description
MGEN12Back DimensionBack Dimension Level 2
TUNN10Lava CaveLava Cave section with a hidden room

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several lootable item containers.