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Quick Facts

med.recovery icon digimon world
Price500 BITs

In-game description

Medium Recovery: +1500 HP

med.recovery drops from

Gekomon icon digimon worldGekomonChampionData10%
Gotsumon icon digimon worldGotsumonRookieData10%
Gururumon icon digimon worldGururumonChampionVirus10%
MudFrigimon icon digimon worldMudFrigimonChampionVaccine10%
ShimaUnimon icon digimon worldShimaUnimonChampionData10%

med.recovery spawns in

Subarea NameArea NameArea DescriptionChance
TROP06Amida ForestCentarumon's maze10%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.

med.recovery lootable from chests

Subarea NameArea NameArea Description
MIHA05Mt. Panorama Spore AreaUnimon's encounter screen
TROP01Tropical JungleTropical Jungle map Coelamon brings you to

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several lootable item containers.