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All items in Digimon World 1

This overview contains a wealth of information on all the available items in Digimon World 1, released on the Playstation 1 (PS1 or PSX for short).

Please note that a successful playthrough of Digimon World will require a wide selection of different items, helping you throughout your journey. They will help you beat tough Digimon, increase your partner's stats, and sometimes even help it digivolve! Therefore, knowing which items exist, their effects, and where to obtain them is crucial to mastering the challenges posed by this game.

So, for more details, click an item's name to see a detailed page with general information about said item, its loot tables, spawn locations, and much more!

sm.recovery icon digimon worldsm.recoverySmall Recovery: +500 HP100 BITs
med.recovery icon digimon worldmed.recoveryMedium Recovery: +1500 HP500 BITs
lrg.recovery icon digimon worldlrg.recoveryLarge Recovery: +5000 HP1000 BITs
sup.recovery icon digimon worldsup.recoverySuper Recovery: full HP2500 BITs
MP Floppy icon digimon worldMP FloppyRecover +500 Magic Points300 BITs
Medium MP icon digimon worldMedium MPMed. MP: recover +1500 MP800 BITs
Large MP icon digimon worldLarge MPLrg. MP: recover +5000 MP2000 BITs
Double flop icon digimon worldDouble flopRecovers +1500 MP and HP1500 BITs
Various icon digimon worldVariousCures Status Errors300 BITs
Omnipotent icon digimon worldOmnipotentCures errors + rec. HP+MP2000 BITs
Protection icon digimon worldProtectionProtects yr cond. in battle1200 BITs
Restore icon digimon worldRestoreCures Coma + rec. half HP4000 BITs
Sup.restore icon digimon worldSup.restoreCures coma, errors +full HP9500 BITs
Bandage icon digimon worldBandageCures wounds + some sickness200 BITs
Medicine icon digimon worldMedicineCures wounds + sickness1000 BITs
Off. Disk icon digimon worldOff. DiskBoost Off. Power in battle500 BITs
Def. Disk icon digimon worldDef. DiskBoost Def. Power in battle500 BITs
Hispeed dsk icon digimon worldHispeed dskBoost Speed in battle500 BITs
Omni Disk icon digimon worldOmni DiskBoost all skills in battle3000 BITs
S.Off.disk icon digimon worldS.Off.diskSuper boost off. pwr in bat.4000 BITs
S.Def.disk icon digimon worldS.Def.diskSuper boost def. pwr in bat.4000 BITs
S.speed.disk icon digimon worldS.speed.diskSuper boost Speed in battle4000 BITs
Auto Pilot icon digimon worldAuto PilotCan return to city quickly300 BITs
Off. Chip icon digimon worldOff. ChipBoost max off. pwr level +509999 BITs
Def. Chip icon digimon worldDef. ChipBoost max def. pwr level +509999 BITs
Brain Chip icon digimon worldBrain ChipBoost max Brains level +509999 BITs
Quick Chip icon digimon worldQuick ChipBoost max Speed level +509999 BITs
HP Chip icon digimon worldHP ChipBoost max HP level +5009999 BITs
MP Chip icon digimon worldMP ChipBoost max MP level +5009999 BITs
DV Chip A icon digimon worldDV Chip ABoost Off. Pwr+Brains +1005000 BITs
DV Chip D icon digimon worldDV Chip DBoost Def. Pwr+Speed +1005000 BITs
DV Chip E icon digimon worldDV Chip EBoost Off. Pwr+Speed +10005000 BITs
Port. potty icon digimon worldPort. pottyCan do potty anywhere300 BITs
Trn. manual icon digimon worldTrn. manualTrain better with this9999 BITs
Rest pillow icon digimon worldRest pillowMore recovery during rest1000 BITs
Enemy repel icon digimon worldEnemy repelRepels enemies to stay away5000 BITs
Enemy bell icon digimon worldEnemy bellAttract enemies to come5000 BITs
Health shoe icon digimon worldHealth shoeWalk and HP + MP go up2000 BITs
Meat icon digimon worldMeatMakes Digimon a bit full50 BITs
Giant Meat icon digimon worldGiant MeatMakes Digimon quite full .500 BITs
Sirloin icon digimon worldSirloinMakes Digimon very full.1500 BITs
Supercarrot icon digimon worldSupercarrotBoosts training effect500 BITs
Hawk radish icon digimon worldHawk radishBoosts training effect500 BITs
Spiny green icon digimon worldSpiny greenGreatly reduces Tiredness1000 BITs
Digimushrm icon digimon worldDigimushrmMake Digimon a bit full100 BITs
Ice mushrm icon digimon worldIce mushrmGreatly boosts Discipline1000 BITs
Deluxmushrm icon digimon worldDeluxmushrmBoosts all abilities5000 BITs
Digipine icon digimon worldDigipineBoosts training effect.1000 BITs
Blue apple icon digimon worldBlue appleMakes Digimon happy1000 BITs
Red Berry icon digimon worldRed BerryGives rest, boost disc.+hap1000 BITs
Gold Acorn icon digimon worldGold AcornCan be sold for a high price8000 BITs
Big Berry icon digimon worldBig BerryMakes full + boosts Weight!1000 BITs
Sweet Nut icon digimon worldSweet NutRecovers HP completely!1000 BITs
Super veggy icon digimon worldSuper veggyRecovers MP completely!1000 BITs
Pricklypear icon digimon worldPricklypearLowers Weight!1000 BITs
Orange bana icon digimon worldOrange banaFully recovers HP and MP1000 BITs
Power fruit icon digimon worldPower fruitBoost Offensive Power +20!5000 BITs
Power Ice icon digimon worldPower IceBoost Defensive Power +20!5000 BITs
Speed Leaf icon digimon worldSpeed LeafBoost Speed +20!5000 BITs
Sage Fruit icon digimon worldSage FruitBoost Brains +20!5000 BITs
Muscle Yam icon digimon worldMuscle YamBoost HP by +200!5000 BITs
Calm berry icon digimon worldCalm berryBoost MP by +200!5000 BITs
Digianchovy icon digimon worldDigianchovyMakes Digimon a bit full.50 BITs
Digisnapper icon digimon worldDigisnapperMakes Digimon quite full.100 BITs
DigiTrout icon digimon worldDigiTroutMakes Digimon very full300 BITs
Black trout icon digimon worldBlack troutBoosts all abilities.1000 BITs
Digicatfish icon digimon worldDigicatfishMakes Digimon very full.2000 BITs
Digiseabass icon digimon worldDigiseabassFull HP and MP + life span++8000 BITs
Moldy Meat icon digimon worldMoldy MeatMakes Digimon somewhat full50 BITs
Happymushrm icon digimon worldHappymushrmBoost Happiness, but risky1000 BITs
Chain melon icon digimon worldChain melonGood for many things5000 BITs
Grey Claws icon digimon worldGrey ClawsDigivolve to Greymon!5000 BITs
Fireball icon digimon worldFireballDigivolve to Meramon!5000 BITs
Flamingwing icon digimon worldFlamingwingDigivolve to Birdramon!5000 BITs
Iron Hoof icon digimon worldIron HoofDigivolve to Centarumon!5000 BITs
Mono Stone icon digimon worldMono StoneDigivolve to Monochromon!5000 BITs
Steel drill icon digimon worldSteel drillDigivolve to Drimogemon!5000 BITs
White Fang icon digimon worldWhite FangDigivolve to Tyrannomon!5000 BITs
Black Wing icon digimon worldBlack WingDigivolve to Devimon!5000 BITs
Spike Club icon digimon worldSpike ClubDigivolve to Ogremon!5000 BITs
Flamingmane icon digimon worldFlamingmaneDigivolve to Leomon!5000 BITs
White Wing icon digimon worldWhite WingDigivolve to Angemon!5000 BITs
Torn tatter icon digimon worldTorn tatterDigivolve to Bakemon!5000 BITs
Electo ring icon digimon worldElecto ringDigivolve to Kaminarimon!5000 BITs
Rainbowhorn icon digimon worldRainbowhornDigivolve to Airdramon!5000 BITs
Rooster icon digimon worldRoosterDigivolve to Kokatorimon5000 BITs
Unihorn icon digimon worldUnihornDigivolve to Unimon!5000 BITs
Horn helmet icon digimon worldHorn helmetDigivolve to Kabuterimon!5000 BITs
Scissor jaw icon digimon worldScissor jawDigivolve to Kuwagamon!5000 BITs
Fertilizer icon digimon worldFertilizerDigivolve to Vegiemon!5000 BITs
Koga laws icon digimon worldKoga lawsDigivolve to Ninjamon!5000 BITs
Waterbottle icon digimon worldWaterbottleDigivolve to Seadramon!5000 BITs
North Star icon digimon worldNorth StarDigivolve to Whamon!5000 BITs
Red Shell icon digimon worldRed ShellDigivolve to Shellmon!5000 BITs
Hard Scale icon digimon worldHard ScaleDigivolve to Coelamon!5000 BITs
Bluecrystal icon digimon worldBluecrystalDigivolve to Garurumon!5000 BITs
Ice crystal icon digimon worldIce crystalDigivolve to Frigimon!5000 BITs
Hair grower icon digimon worldHair growerDigivolve to Mojyamon!5000 BITs
Sunglasses icon digimon worldSunglassesDigivolve to Nanimon!5000 BITs
Metal part icon digimon worldMetal partDigivolve to MetalGreymon!9999 BITs
Fatal Bone icon digimon worldFatal BoneDigivolve to SkullGreymon!9999 BITs
Cyber part icon digimon worldCyber partDigivolve to Andromon!9999 BITs
Mega Hand icon digimon worldMega HandDigivolve to Megadramon!9999 BITs
Silver ball icon digimon worldSilver ballDigivolve to Mamemon!9999 BITs
Metal armor icon digimon worldMetal armorDigivolve to MetalMamemon!9999 BITs
Chainsaw icon digimon worldChainsawDigivolve to Giromon!9999 BITs
Small spear icon digimon worldSmall spearDigivolve to Piximon!9999 BITs
X Bandage icon digimon worldX BandageDigivolve to Monzaemon!9999 BITs
Ray Gun icon digimon worldRay GunDigivolve to Vademon!9999 BITs
Gold banana icon digimon worldGold bananaDigivolve to Etemon!9999 BITs
Mysty Egg icon digimon worldMysty EggDigivolve to Digitamamon!9999 BITs
Red Ruby icon digimon worldRed RubyDigivolve to Phoenixmon!9999 BITs
Beetlepearl icon digimon worldBeetlepearlBecome HerculesKabuterimon!9999 BITs
Coral charm icon digimon worldCoral charmDigivolve to MegaSeadramon!9999 BITs
Moon mirror icon digimon worldMoon mirrorDigivolve to WereGarurumon!9999 BITs
Blue Flute icon digimon worldBlue FluteSeadramon friendship proof9999 BITs
old fishrod icon digimon worldold fishrodEnables you to fish at lake100 BITs
Amazing rod icon digimon worldAmazing rodGives good fishing at lake3000 BITs
Leomonstone icon digimon worldLeomonstoneStone Tablet of Leomon100 BITs
Mansion key icon digimon worldMansion keyKey to Gray Lord Mansion100 BITs
Gear icon digimon worldGearMystery Item100 BITs
Rain Plant icon digimon worldRain PlantRecover 1000 MP +other uses1000 BITs
Steak icon digimon worldSteakMakes Digimon very full.1000 BITs
Frig Key icon digimon worldFrig KeyKey to open Refrigerator100 BITs
AS Decoder icon digimon worldAS DecoderYou can read Ancient Script500 BITs
Giga Hand icon digimon worldGiga HandDigivolve to Gigadramon!Not buyable
Noble Mane icon digimon worldNoble ManeDigivolve to Panjyamon!Not buyable
Metalbanana icon digimon worldMetalbananaDigivolve to MetalEtemon!Not buyable