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MetalEtemon's official artwork

Quick Facts

MetalEtemon digimon world 1 icon

MetalEtemon's Digivolution Item

Metalbanana digimon world 1 iconMetalbananaDigivolve to MetalEtemon!

MetalEtemon's move set

IconNameTypeCategoryPowerMPEffectLearnableChance to learn
digimon world 1 Battle iconTremarBattleTechnique178168-18%
digimon world 1 Battle iconMuscle ChargeBattleTechnique066-19%
digimon world 1 Battle iconWar CryBattleTechnique042-22%
digimon world 1 Battle iconSonic JabBattleTechnique5218-26%
digimon world 1 Battle iconDynamite KickBattleTechnique19399Stun24%
digimon world 1 Battle iconCounterBattleTechnique285165Confusion20%
digimon world 1 Battle iconMegaton PunchBattleTechnique320186Stun21%
digimon world 1 Battle iconBuster DiveBattleTechnique500258Confusion16%
digimon world 1 Air iconThunder JusticeAirTechnique586330Stun9%
digimon world 1 Air iconSpinning ShotAirTechnique389150-14%
digimon world 1 Air iconMegalo SparkAirTechnique382174Stun13%
digimon world 1 Filth iconHorizontal KickFilthTechnique5324-10%
digimon world 1 Filth iconUlt Poop HellFilthTechnique333333Flat (pixelated)-
digimon world 1 Battle iconDark Network & Concert CrushBattleFinisher202120---

MetalEtemon cannot be obtained legitimately during normal gameplay. If you receive it illegitimately and want it to learn any of the moves above, note that its opponent needs to utilize said move during the ongoing fight. Otherwise, it will not pick up the technique.