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Quick Facts

Name Angemon
Stage Champion
Type Vaccine

Type dependant unlocks

Angemon is of the Vaccine type allowing you to enter the Ice Sanctuary.

Angemon's area preferences

Angemon's Digivolution Conditions

Mistakes Weight Happiness Discipline Battles Techniques Key Digimon
≤0 15 - 25 - - - ≥35 Patamon

Kindly provided by SydMontague.

Angemon's Digivolution Item

Icon Name Description
White Wing icon digimon world White Wing Digivolve to Angemon!

Evolves from

Icon Name Stage Type
Patamon digimon world icon Patamon Rookie Data
Elecmon digimon world icon Elecmon Rookie Data

Evolves to

Icon Name Stage Type
Andromon digimon world icon Andromon Ultimate Vaccine
Phoenixmon digimon world icon Phoenixmon Ultimate Vaccine

Angemon's move set

Icon Name Type Category Power MP Effect Learnable Chance to learn
digimon world Battle icon War Cry Battle Technique 0 42 - 10%
digimon world Battle icon Dynamite Kick Battle Technique 193 99 Stun 12%
digimon world Battle icon Counter Battle Technique 285 165 Confusion 8%
digimon world Air icon Spinning Shot Air Technique 389 150 - 22%
digimon world Air icon Electric Cloud Air Technique 120 69 Stun 32%
digimon world Air icon Megalo Spark Air Technique 382 174 Stun 18%
digimon world Air icon Static Elect Air Technique 85 45 Stun 36%
digimon world Air icon Wind Cutter Air Technique 178 93 - 26%
digimon world Air icon Confused Storm Air Technique 225 216 Confusion 15%
digimon world Air icon Hurricane Air Technique 366 255 Confusion 12%
digimon world Air icon Hand of Fate Air Finisher 166 120 - - -

For Angemon to learn any of the moves above, note that its opponent needs to utilize said move during the ongoing fight. Otherwise, it will not pick up the technique.

Angemon variants

ICSA01's Angemon


Quick Facts

HP 4000
MP 4000
Offense 400
Defense 400
Speed 400
Brains 400
BIT reward 1500

Variant's location information

This variant of Angemon can be found on the map called ICSA01 in Ice Sanctuary.

ROOM10's Angemon


Quick Facts

HP 500
MP 500
Offense 50
Defense 50
Speed 50
Brains 50
BIT reward 100

Variant's location information

This variant of Angemon can be found on the map called ROOM10 in Jijimon's House.