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Gigadramon's official artwork

Quick Facts

Gigadramon digimon world 1 icon

Gigadramon's Digivolution Item

Giga Hand digimon world 1 iconGiga HandDigivolve to Gigadramon!

Gigadramon's move set

IconNameTypeCategoryPowerMPEffectLearnableChance to learn
digimon world 1 Battle iconDynamite KickBattleTechnique19399Stun12%
digimon world 1 Battle iconMegaton PunchBattleTechnique320186Stun9%
digimon world 1 Ice iconGiga FreezeIceTechnique264120Stun10%
digimon world 1 Ice iconIce StatueIceTechnique424186Stun8%
digimon world 1 Ice iconWinter BlastIceTechnique120165Stun12%
digimon world 1 Mech iconPower CraneMechTechnique226126-40%
digimon world 1 Mech iconAll Range BeamMechTechnique573330-16%
digimon world 1 Mech iconMetal SprinterMechTechnique150165-35%
digimon world 1 Mech iconPulse LaserMechTechnique389168-28%
digimon world 1 Mech iconDelete ProgramMechTechnique430219Flat (pixelated)20%
digimon world 1 Mech iconDG DimensionMechTechnique722420-15%
digimon world 1 Mech iconFull PotentialMechTechnique099-25%
digimon world 1 Mech iconReverse ProgMechTechnique256297Flat (pixelated)32%
digimon world 1 Mech iconGenoside AttackMechFinisher215120---

Gigadramon cannot be obtained legitimately during normal gameplay. If you receive it illegitimately and want it to learn any of the moves above, note that its opponent needs to utilize said move during the ongoing fight. Otherwise, it will not pick up the technique.