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This section contains a plethora of information on all 123 Digimon available in Digimon World. The main page includes an overview of every single Digimon and their relevant stats like types, stages, and recruitment possibilities. Click a Digimon's name to see a detailed page with general information about said Digimon, their Digivolutions, their move set, and more!

Icon Name Stage Type Recruitable
Botamon Fresh Data -
DemiMeramon Fresh Data -
Poyomon Fresh Data -
Punimon Fresh Data -
Yuramon Fresh Data -
Koromon In-Training Data -
Tanemon In-Training Data -
Tokomon In-Training Data -
Tsunomon In-Training Data -
Agumon Rookie Vaccine
Aruraumon Rookie Virus -
Betamon Rookie Virus
Biyomon Rookie Vaccine
ClearAgumon Rookie Data -
Darkrizamon Rookie Virus -
Dokunemon Rookie Virus -
Elecmon Rookie Data
Flarerizamon Rookie Data -
Gabumon Rookie Data
Goburimon Rookie Virus -
Gotsumon Rookie Data -
Icemon Rookie Vaccine -
Kunemon Rookie Virus
Meteormon Rookie Data -
ModokiBetamon Rookie Vaccine -
Muchomon Rookie Data -
Otamamon Rookie Data -
Palmon Rookie Vaccine
Patamon Rookie Data
Penguinmon Rookie Data
Psychemon Rookie Vaccine -
SandYanmamon Rookie Virus -
Sharmamon Rookie Virus -
SnowAgumon Rookie Vaccine -
SnowGoburimon Rookie Virus -
Tentomon Rookie Data -
ToyAgumon Rookie Data -
Tsukaimon Rookie Virus -
Yanmamon Rookie Virus -
Airdramon Champion Vaccine
Akatorimon Champion Data -
Angemon Champion Vaccine
Bakemon Champion Virus
Birdramon Champion Vaccine
BlueMeramon Champion Vaccine -
Centarumon Champion Data
Coelamon Champion Data
Devimon Champion Virus
Drimogemon Champion Data
Frigimon Champion Vaccine
Fugamon Champion Virus -
Garurumon Champion Vaccine
Gekomon Champion Data
Geremon Champion Virus -
Greymon Champion Vaccine
Guardromon Champion Vaccine -
Gururumon Champion Virus -
Hyogamon Champion Virus -
IceDevimon Champion Virus -
J-Mojyamon Champion Vaccine -
Kabuterimon Champion Vaccine
King of Sukamon Champion Virus -
Kokatorimon Champion Vaccine
Kuwagamon Champion Virus
Leomon Champion Vaccine
Meramon Champion Data
Mojyamon Champion Vaccine
Monochromon Champion Data
MoriShellmon Champion Data -
MudFrigimon Champion Vaccine -
Nanimon Champion Virus
Ninjamon Champion Data
NiseDrimogemon Champion Vaccine -
Numemon Champion Virus
Ogremon Champion Virus
Panjyamon Champion Data -
Piddomon Champion Vaccine -
PlatinumSukamon Champion Vaccine -
RedVegiemon Champion Virus -
Rockmon Champion Virus -
Saberdramon Champion Virus -
Seadramon Champion Data -
Shellmon Champion Data
ShimaUnimon Champion Data -
Soulmon Champion Virus -
Sukamon Champion Virus
Tankmon Champion Data -
Tyrannomon Champion Data
Unimon Champion Vaccine
Vegiemon Champion Virus
Vermilimon Champion Vaccine -
Weedmon Champion Virus -
Whamon Champion Vaccine
Andromon Ultimate Vaccine
Digitamamon Ultimate Data
Etemon Ultimate Virus
Gigadramon Ultimate Data -
Giromon Ultimate Vaccine
H-Kabuterimon Ultimate Data -
Machinedramon Ultimate Undefined -
Mamemon Ultimate Data
Megadramon Ultimate Virus
MegaSeadramon Ultimate Data -
MetalEtemon Ultimate Vaccine -
MetalGreymon Ultimate Virus
MetalMamemon Ultimate Data
Monzaemon Ultimate Vaccine
Myotismon Ultimate Virus -
Phoenixmon Ultimate Vaccine -
Piximon Ultimate Data
SkullGreymon Ultimate Virus
Tekkamon Ultimate Virus -
Vademon Ultimate Virus
WaruMonzaemon Ultimate Virus -
WaruSeadramon Ultimate Virus -
Brachiomon Undefined Data -
Cherrymon Undefined Vaccine -
Hagurumon Undefined Vaccine -
Jijimon Undefined Vaccine -
Master Tyrannomon Undefined Data -
ShogunGekomon Undefined Data -
Tinmon Undefined Vaccine -
WereGarurumon Undefined Vaccine -