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Amida Forest


Quick Facts

NameAmida Forest

Amida Forest's subareas


Centarumon's maze

Centarumon's maze subarea map

Digimon spawns in TROP06

Centarumon icon digimon worldCentarumonChampionData

Item spawns in TROP06

sm.recovery icon digimon worldsm.recoverySmall Recovery: +500 HP20%
med.recovery icon digimon worldmed.recoveryMedium Recovery: +1500 HP10%
MP Floppy icon digimon worldMP FloppyRecover +500 Magic Points30%
Medium MP icon digimon worldMedium MPMed. MP: recover +1500 MP25%
Off. Disk icon digimon worldOff. DiskBoost Off. Power in battle20%
Def. Disk icon digimon worldDef. DiskBoost Def. Power in battle30%
Hispeed dsk icon digimon worldHispeed dskBoost Speed in battle20%
Omni Disk icon digimon worldOmni DiskBoost all skills in battle5%
Auto Pilot icon digimon worldAuto PilotCan return to city quickly20%
Port. potty icon digimon worldPort. pottyCan do potty anywhere10%
Meat icon digimon worldMeatMakes Digimon a bit full20%
Giant Meat icon digimon worldGiant MeatMakes Digimon quite full .30%
Orange bana icon digimon worldOrange banaFully recovers HP and MP2%
Moldy Meat icon digimon worldMoldy MeatMakes Digimon somewhat full20%
Happymushrm icon digimon worldHappymushrmBoost Happiness, but risky8%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.