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Amida Forest


Quick Facts

NameAmida Forest
Subareas 1

Amida Forest's subareas


(Centarumon's maze)

Centarumon's maze

Digimon spawns in TROP06

Centarumon icon digimon worldCentarumonChampionData

Item spawns in TROP06

sm.recovery icon digimon worldsm.recoverySmall Recovery: +500 HP20%
med.recovery icon digimon worldmed.recoveryMedium Recovery: +1500 HP10%
MP Floppy icon digimon worldMP FloppyRecover +500 Magic Points30%
Medium MP icon digimon worldMedium MPMed. MP: recover +1500 MP25%
Off. Disk icon digimon worldOff. DiskBoost Off. Power in battle20%
Def. Disk icon digimon worldDef. DiskBoost Def. Power in battle30%
Hispeed dsk icon digimon worldHispeed dskBoost Speed in battle20%
Omni Disk icon digimon worldOmni DiskBoost all skills in battle5%
Auto Pilot icon digimon worldAuto PilotCan return to city quickly20%
Port. potty icon digimon worldPort. pottyCan do potty anywhere10%
Meat icon digimon worldMeatMakes Digimon a bit full20%
Giant Meat icon digimon worldGiant MeatMakes Digimon quite full .30%
Orange bana icon digimon worldOrange banaFully recovers HP and MP2%
Moldy Meat icon digimon worldMoldy MeatMakes Digimon somewhat full20%
Happymushrm icon digimon worldHappymushrmBoost Happiness, but risky8%

Keep in mind that some subareas contain several item spawn points, sometimes sharing the same item with differing spawn chances.