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All areas in Digimon World 1

digimon world file island map

Digimon World's File Island is divided into several distinct and uniquely designed zones, all featuring diverse flora and fauna paired with electrical or mechanical elements creating a memorable depiction of the Digital World.

Your journey will begin in the Native Forest, inhabited by mostly weaker Digimon, making you familiar with the world, its rules, and quirks. But you will soon realize that you have to venture out further to learn more about this strange place. Doing so will lead you through the Gear Savanna, Freezeland, the Great Canyon, and many more biomes filled with fearsome foes and new friends. Are you ready to explore this new world to your heart's content?

This overview contains a wealth of information on all the areas traversable in Digimon World. Click an area's name to see a detailed page with general information about the region, tables with Digimon spawns, subareas, and more!