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Quick Facts

DigiWhitewood material icon

In-game description

Bark from a white tree. Found in Nigh Plains, Ohgiono Wastelands, etc.

Building upgrades using DigiWhitewood

NameLevelDistrictUpgrade details
Warehouse2CentralIncrease the item types you can store.
Sender2CentralIncreases the places you can send toand makes sending cheaper.
Builder2CentralIncreases the motivation of employees.
Item Shop2BusinessIncreases the item types you can buy.
Restaurant2BusinessIncreases the dishes you can cook.
Stock Market2BusinessIncreases the types of trades you can make and the amount of items you can purchase.
Field2AgriculturalIncreases the number of fields.
Digivolution Dojo2ResearchUnlocks functions relating to Digivolution.

Areas in which DigiWhitewood can be found in