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This material section has a wealth of information on all materials in Digimon World: Next Order. The main page contains an overview of every single material, its type and in-game description. Click a material's name to see a detailed page with information about their search point locations and the building upgrades that require said material!

Search point color Description
Blue Blue search points contain liquid-type materials.
Yellow Yellow search points contain metal-type materials.
Red Red search points contain stone-type materials.
Green Green search points contain wood-type materials.
Icon Name Type Description
DigiDeepwater material icon DigiDeepwater Liquid Water from deep underground with a special composition.
DigiAcid material icon DigiAcid Liquid A strong acidic liquid. Can be natural or purified.
DigiOil material icon DigiOil Liquid A black burnable liquid found in the desert.
DigiSap material icon DigiSap Liquid A natural liquid extracted from plants.
DigiLatex material icon DigiLatex Liquid A precious milky-white liquid. Very viscous.
DigiMercury material icon DigiMercury Liquid A special fluid with the characteristics of a metal and a liquid.
DigiIonwater material icon DigiIonwater Liquid A liquid with the powers of both destruction and restoration.
DigiRainbowdrop material icon DigiRainbowdrop Liquid A very attractive and valuable iridescent liquid.
DigiLightningwater material icon DigiLightningwater Liquid A gold liquid that can create an electromagnetic force.
DigiHolywater material icon DigiHolywater Liquid A mysterious liquid that shines silver with the power to exorcise.
DigiCopper material icon DigiCopper Metal Metal similar to brass in the Digital World.
DigiIron material icon DigiIron Metal Pure iron in the Digital World.
DigiSilver material icon DigiSilver Metal Pure silver in the Digital World.
DigiGold material icon DigiGold Metal Pure gold in the Digital World.
DigiWhiteGold material icon DigiWhiteGold Metal Platinum in the Digital World.
Mithril material icon Mithril Metal A metal with magic properties that shines pale purple.
Chrome Digizoit material icon Chrome Digizoit Metal A very hard metal that only exists in the Digital World.
Black Digizoit material icon Black Digizoit Metal Chrome Digizoit that has mutated because of special information waves.
Red Digizoit material icon Red Digizoit Metal A red metal with high purity among Chrome Digizoits.
Blue Digizoit material icon Blue Digizoit Metal A black metal with low purity among Chrome Digizoits.
DigiSand material icon DigiSand Stone Finely broken stone. Mixed with liquid it is harder.
DigiStone material icon DigiStone Stone A hard stone of fairly large size.
DigiRock material icon DigiRock Stone Crushed rock that is easy to carry. Can be used as an ornament.
DigiLight material icon DigiLight Stone An easily processed white stone that emits a dull light.
DigiNight material icon DigiNight Stone A hard blue stone that is sharp like a blade.
DigiQuartz material icon DigiQuartz Stone A transparent hexagonal stone with useful piezoelectric properties.
DigiOnyx material icon DigiOnyx Stone A flawless jet-black gem. It has the power to ward off evil.
DigiEmerald material icon DigiEmerald Stone A rare and beautiful gem with green veins. It is said to be lucky.
DigiRuby material icon DigiRuby Stone A fiery red gem. It is very rare and useful as a laser element.
DigiDiamond material icon DigiDiamond Stone The most beautiful and hardest gem. Said to have fallen from heaven.
DigiWhitewood material icon DigiWhitewood Wood Bark from a white tree.
DigiBlackwood material icon DigiBlackwood Wood Bark from a black tree.
DigiPalm material icon DigiPalm Wood A soft wood from a tropical climate. It is attractive.
DigiSnowwood material icon DigiSnowwood Wood A thin wood from a cold climate.
DigiGreatwood material icon DigiGreatwood Wood A thick, hard wood from a dry climate.
DigiBamboo material icon DigiBamboo Wood A green plant with a central hole and a wide variety of applications.
DigiFirewood material icon DigiFirewood Wood Wood with a gorgeous red pattern and a tendency to self-combust.
DigiFelwood material icon DigiFelwood Wood Wood as hard as metal with a scary color and sharp thorns.
DigiStarwood material icon DigiStarwood Wood A pretty wood with dazzling spots and rings in the shape of a star.
DigiGodwood material icon DigiGodwood Wood Revered as sacred because of its white bark and feather-like leaves.