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Rolly Fruit

Quick Facts

Rolly Fruit icon
Name Rolly Fruit
Category Nut
Price 100 Bit

In-game description

Very similar to fine rice.

Rolly Fruit dropped by

Icon Name Level Time Day Area Zone
Vegiemon field guide icon Vegiemon 25 00:00 - 24:00 Mon - Sun / A - B Palace of Thorns Ohguino Wastelands

Rolly Fruit sold by

Icon Name Location Upgrade Stage Area Price
Woodmon field guide icon Woodmon Field - Agricultural 100 Bit

Rolly Fruit found in

Rolly Fruit used as an ingredient in

Name Category
Onigiri Rice Ball Nut Cooking
Meat and Rice Cooking
Mushrooms and Rice Wild Mushroom Cooking
Egg and Rice Nut Cooking
Sweet Bean Paste Nut Cooking
Carp Sushi Fish Cooking
Trout Sushi Fish Cooking
Sweet Eel Fish Cooking