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Drizzle Cabbage

Quick Facts

Drizzle Cabbage icon
NameDrizzle Cabbage

In-game description

Slightly improves HP, MP, and STR training effects.

Drizzle Cabbage dropped by

MegaKabuterimon (Blue) field guide iconMegaKabuterimon (Blue)3600:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - BRosemon's RoomOhguino Wastelands
Icemon field guide iconIcemon3700:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - BIcy HallAbsolute Zero
Icemon field guide iconIcemon3900:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - BIcy Way TempleAbsolute Zero
Icemon field guide iconIcemon4000:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - BEternal GlacierAbsolute Zero
Woodmon field guide iconWoodmon4000:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - BGenerator Prison RoomOhguino Wastelands
Kyubimon (Silver) field guide iconKyubimon (Silver)5500:00 - 24:00Mon - Sun / A - BConcealed GorgeAbsolute Zero

Drizzle Cabbage used as an ingredient in

Drizzle Cabbage FryVegetable Cooking
Meat and Vegetable FryCooking
Fresh SaladVegetable Cooking