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Extra Scenario Guide

Published 2 years ago by Raextor, updated 2 years ago

This guide provides detailed information on how to beat all six Extra Scenarios available in Digimon World: Next Order. In it, you will find each scenario's prerequisite and rewards in conjunction with noteworthy tips, tricks, and information.

The Most Beautiful Tamer Ever Arrives!


  • Chapter 1
  • Meet Kouta, Himari and their Digimon for the first time (Power Plant #2)

The first Extra Scenario called "The Most Beautiful Tamer Ever Arrives!" starts sometime after meeting Kouta, Himari, and their Digimon for the first time during the story of Chapter 1. It begins by receiving a Digimail from a girl named Rina, who wants to meet you at the Cave Entrance located in Nigh Plains. Upon meeting and talking to her for a bit, she tasks you with training your Digimon 10 times in the Training Hall. Proceed to follow her suggestion, train, and return to her to get your next task.

This time, you shall collect 30 Digistalks, which are gatherable throughout the Nigh Plains as random spawns. Giving them to her gets you… "signed" Digistalks, which means that you get back precisely what you handed over.

Your next task consists of bringing her a Super Regen Disc, a Super Double Disc, and a Full Recovery Disk. All three items can drop from various Digimon throughout the Digital World. Still, the easiest way to get ahold of them is to recruit Guardromon in Faulty Ex Machina's Flowerbed Island. Doing so lets you craft the required items. Returning to Rina and completing her task will get her excited, and she requests you to return tomorrow for your final assignment. You might notice that she does not take the requested items off you as you might need them for the last challenge. But firstly, you will have to wait for an entire in-game day.

Returning to Rina one last time will make her challenge you. Beware that her partner Veevee is a Mega level Digimon called UlforceVeedramon so you might be in for a challenging fight. However, if you are tackling this fight in the postgame or with sufficiently trained Digimon, he will not pose a threat. Defeating UlforceVeedramon will end the first and most accessible of the six EX Scenarios and reward you with an Indicaesquetrine that allows one of your Ultimate Digimon to digivolve into UlforceVeedramon.

Reward: 1x Indicaesquetrine

Meicoomon's Riddle


  • Complete Chapter 1

The second Extra Scenario, called "Meicoomon's Riddle," is accessible after completing Chapter 1. It starts by receiving a Digimail from Meicoomon requesting an urgent meet up at the Old Cableway in Nigh Plains. Upon arrival, Meicoomon explains that he is in a fragile state, disoriented and followed by a Growlmon (Orange) located atop the Vast Plateau. He wants you to check him out and make him leave. By making him leave, he means to fight him, so off you go. After you took care of Meicoomon's request, return to Meicoomon.

Meanwhile, Meicoomon started to remember what has happened to him and talks about a bridge spanning a vast ravine. He is talking about the Guts Wastes in Ohguino Wastelands. Traveling there and interacting with a unique golden search point located near the path downhill will trigger an event in which the player has to fight three Piddomon that were hunting down a specific data anomaly (Meicoomon's). After winning against said foes, return to Meicoomon once again and watch him become feral. He now proceeds to attack you. After winning, he will return to his senses and award you with a Digivolution Core called Feliprudentine and remark that he is not of this world and now has to return to his own.

Furthermore, your partner Digimon can now evolve into Meicoomon once their stats meet these specific requirements.

Reward: 1x Feliprudentine, unlocks Meicoomon's Digivolution

Struggle of the Fates!


  • Finish the story arc revolving around Armageddemon in Chapter 5
  • Flotia prosperity level of at least 100
  • Numemon, Sukamon, and PlatinumNumemon recruited

The third Extra Scenario called "Struggle of the Fates!" starts upon meeting the listed requirements. You will receive a Digimail from Jijimon stating that the Digital World is again in need of your help – this time with a rather delicate problem involving toilets of all things.

Heading over to Jijimon's House starts a cutscene briefing you about the latest occupation of the world's toilets by an army of Numemon and Sukamon. Inclined to learn more about this odd behavior speaking to the Numemon, Sukamon, and PlatinumNumemon that reside in Flotia should be the logical next step moving forward. During one of the three conversations, you learn that you need to find Organic Vintage Digimoss to lure your first batch of Numemon out of their toilet atop the Vast Plateau in Nigh Plains. This Organic Vintage Digimoss can be found at a unique golden search point inside the Ship 3.0 Cabin at MOD Cape and is required to trigger the fight.

After besting the four Numemon inside, you are sent over to the Server Cemetery in Server Desert to fight the four Geremon barricaded inside its zone's toilet. Conquering this challenge will guide you to the Flame Lands inside the Logic Volcano to retrieve the myth-enshrouded Fossilized Poop. Yes, Fossilized Poop! And making matters worse, when you pick up the Fossilized Poop, a gang of Sukamon attacks you.

Having dealt with that minor nuisance, you should head over to the Inlet Cape located at MOD Cape and fight the four Sukamon barricaded inside that toilet. You should then proceed to the bathroom in the Guts Wastes located in the Ohguino Wastelands to find a Sukamon protected by his 3 Guardromon (Gold) bodyguards. Dealing with them lets you find out where your next objective is going to be.

Now, head on over to the Palace of Thorns to fight a PlatinumSukamon. After defeating him, you learn about two passphrases you should remember. They are "This is a most fortuitous coincidence" and "Last night I dreamed we would meet again" and are needed to progress later on during this scenarios' storyline. Keep the phrases in mind, but press on and travel over to the Bony Drive inside the Bony Resort to fight the next batch of Geremon.

Being successful here allows you to interact with the toilet near the Frost Cathedral in Absolute Zero. Doing so will not trigger another battle but offer you the possibility to interact with a PlatinumNumemon using the passphrases you have obtained earlier.

During this conversation, you discover an intricate plot to overthrow the current king of all filth Digimon by tricking them into besieging the world's toilets. Afterward, you get sent over to Faulty Ex Machina's West Coast to fight a king-sized PlatinumSukamon and his minions to end their plan of overtaking the filth kingdom. After besting them, you are granted an audience with King Sukamon learning about their "prophecy" and how its misinterpretation led them astray, causing widespread chaos throughout the world and leading to a coup against the legitimate king. As a follow-up, you get rewarded with 50 Impudentine that allows an Ultimate Digimon to digivolve into a PlatinumNumemon.

Finally, after traversing pretty much the whole Digital World to liberate every in-game toilet, head back to Jijimon's House to complete this EX Scenario.

Reward: 50x Impudentine

Revival: The Three Gods of Ruin and…!


The fourth Extra Scenario called "Revival: The Three Gods of Ruin and...!", starts upon fulfilling the listed requirements. Return to Flotia to receive a Digimail from Jijimon requesting an urgent meetup. Meeting him inside his house will trigger another cutscene that informs you about a sudden threat that reappeared in the Digital World and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Shoma, who still feels guilty for his past actions, will guide you during this quest's progression as he feels responsible for what is about to happen.

Following Jijimon's plea will lead you to the Frost Cathedral located in Absolute Zero. Shoma and a weakened Titamon are awaiting your arrival at the left-hand side of the area. Talking to Titamon will task you with bringing him a "sinister Digivolution Core," implying that the Core needs to be of a dark typed Digimon. Note that not every dark type Core is compatible with this quest. Down below is a list of Cores known to fulfill his request.

Cores that are known to work:

Cores that do not work:

After handing over one of the Cores eligible to complete his request, he will proceed to consume it and reach a power level far beyond the one you had to deal with in Chapter 2. If you win the resulting fight, Titamon will join Flotia. Additionally, you will receive a Digimail from Shoma informing you that he found the next targeted reappearance located further down the Dori Tunnel Hub 2 in the Ohguino Wastelands. Heading there will reveal a lounging MetalEtemon that can be convinced to join the city. After choosing the right dialogue options and handing over 10.000 Luck Coins, he will do so. The dialogue options that will persuade him are as follow:

  • "How about coming to the city?"
  • "Some Digimon enjoy the freedom."
  • "You could come to just help out in emergencies."

After MetalEtemon joined the city head over to Faulty Ex Machina's East Coast to talk to Samudramon. He will request a battle without interference on your part, which means that you should not use any orders, items, or support skills for the first 30 seconds of the fight as that will upset Samudramon and end the conflict. After the 30 seconds have passed, the battle will restart, and you are now allowed to use everything to your heart's content. Winning this battle will make him join the city too. Now, it is time to return to Flotia.

Heading back to the town and entering Jijimon's House will reveal that Taomon left the city to pursue Kuzuhamon. Learn of Kuzuhamon's whereabouts and head on over to Taomon's Meditation Place to confront her. After defeating her in battle, Taomon will join you and convince Kuzuhamon that her feelings towards her are unjustified and that jealousy has pushed her down a darkened path. She will also acknowledge that Kuzuhamon has surpassed her skill-wise and should not be ashamed of her past actions. When offering Kuzuhamon to join the city, she will not accept right away but wants to think about the offer first. Returning to Flotia will reveal that Kuzuhamon accepted the offer and joined the city to support your quest to save the Digital World – an act of redeeming herself as she helped to almost destroy it in Chapter 4.

Reward: 4 new inhabitants for Flotia

The Crimson Claw Strikes Back


The fifth Extra Scenario called "The Crimson Claw Strikes Back" is a continuation of Meicoomon's story arc started with "Meicoomon's Riddle" in Chapter 2. After meeting the scenarios' prerequisites, return to Flotia to receive a Digimail from Jijimon, who requests that you return to his house at once.

Upon entering, you will watch a cutscene informing you about the return of the same data anomaly that was first associated with Meicoomon's arrival to the Digital World – but this time, it appears to be much stronger than before. You also get briefed about its last appearance, which was on MOD Ship 1.0 harbored at MOD Cape. Heading over there will reveal several bested Agumon (Black) laying on the ground that are worth examining. Checking on them will trigger a cutscene that guides you towards Layer 03 inside the Infinite Cauldron. Inside it, a WereGarurumon (Black) awaits his defeat. Besting him, lets you receive a message that something or someone is waiting for you at the Bus Terminal in the Server Desert. Traveling there will net you another cutscene starring an anomalous catlike Digimon that seems to resemble a Meicoomon. Return to Jijimon with this newly collected information.

After doing so, you should head over to the Old Cableway to meet up with this anomalous Meicoomon. Upon meeting, the anomaly will reveal itself as Maycrackmon, a Digivolution of Meicoomon, before attacking you. After winning, Maycrackmon will join Flotia. Returning to Jijimon will initiate another cutscene and unlock Maycrackmon as a potential Digivolution for your partner Digimon upon meeting these specific requirements.

Reward: Unlocks Maycrackmon's Digivolution

From the Malevolent Fist


  • The free DLC "From the Malevolent Fist."
  • Recruited Myotismon, Piedmon, Lucemon SM and Beelzemon
  • Completed all other available EX Scenarios
  • Flotia prosperity level of at least 190

The "From the Malevolent Fist" Extra Scenario is a free DLC for Digimon World: Next Order that needs to be downloaded separately from the Playstation Store to access its contents. It expands the game's postgame with a considerably hard scenario testing everything you have learned so far. You should prepare yourself properly before tackling certain portions of this free DLC.

Upon returning to Flotia after meeting the listed requirements, a cutscene will play when entering Jijimon's House, notifying you about an invitation from the Malevolent Fist. Talk to Myotismon to travel to Bony Drive, where the very same Myotismon and a Piedmon challenge you to a fight. After winning this fight, return to Jijimon to be informed about the sudden departure of Kouta and Himari to investigate odd occurrences related to the arrival of the Malevolent Fist on their own. Jijimon continuous to tell you that he is quite concerned as they have not yet come back. Naturally, your next task is to find out what happened to your friends. So go after them!

Kouta waits on the deck of Mod Ship 2.0 harbored at MOD Cape. Approaching him will spawn a Myotismon and its Mega stage counterpart VenomMyotismon. After beating both, you will be able to rescue Kouta but must witness how Yukimura, Kouta's partner, is kidnapped. As you have no further clues on how to find and free Yukimura, helping Himari seems to be your only option right now. Therefore, head on over to the Graveyard inside Bony Resort to look for Himari and Rikka. Upon finding and approaching Rikka and Himari, three Piedmon will attack you, posing the first real challenge of this DLC. They regularly utilize their Finisher, dealing massive amounts of damage. Prepare healing items and consider ExE Cross Evolution as the three foes can pose quite a challenge even with properly trained Digimon.

After beating them and witnessing Rikka's capture, return to Jijimon to talk about the next steps. You must start to prepare for the DLC's showdown now, as the last portion requires you to go through it in one sitting. So, stock up on Super Recovery Discs, Large MP Discs, and Utility Plugin X. I would advise about 50 of each regen item and about 20 Utility Plugin X. Additionally, do not forget to stack up on revival items and make sure that your partners' lifespan is not to short and that ExE Cross Evolution is ready to be utilized as the upcoming fight is hard.

Now, head on over to Bony Drive inside Bony Resort. Upon arrival, you will notice that things have changed. A big red full moon now illuminates the sky. Furthermore, your movement is restricted, and leaving this area will reset all the progress you made inside this area so far, so you better come prepared! If you prepared yourself, proceed, and face a puzzle by maneuvering a maze of warp tiles to reach the scenarios' end boss. Here is what you have to do:

Firstly, approach the quest marker near the fishing spot down the coastline. Upon reaching it, you have to battle a Myotismon. After winning, interact with the golden search point and be warped near the Celeb Blue Room. Proceed to approach the next quest marker near the entrance to the Celeb Blue Room and be attacked by a Piedmon. Finishing this battle allows you to use the search point to warp to the bottom of Bony Drive. Now, walk towards the quest marker at the base of Bony Drive to be attacked again! This time, you have to fight both Myotismon and Piedmon at the same time. Beating them allows you to approach the quest marker located between the two buildings near the red panel displaying Japanese signs. Using it will warp you up the pathway that you now have to follow uphill until you reach a warp point located at the doorway to the Celeb Red Room. Take it and be warped again. Now, you should see both Rikka and Yukimura so naturally approach them. Note that they have been turned and will attack after a short dialogue. Beat them to proceed uphill. Coming to a fork, take the left-hand way, and interact with the search point in the nearest building's doorway. Afterward, approach the quest marker and be attacked by two Piedmon. After winning, take the warp past the previous fighting area near the toilet to be warped near the Pink Stone House entrance. Go towards the quest marker to initiate a fight against two Piedmon and a Myotismon. Finally, you can enter the Pink Stone House courtyard only to fight a Myotismon and two VenomMyotismon. After winning, you are allowed into the Pink Stone House. Watch a cutscene starring Boltboutamon and participate in the hardest fight of the game. If you still can utilize the ExE Cross Evolution, use it to increase your odds of winning as Boltboutamon is an extremely overpowered opponent. Beating him will teleport you back into Jijimon's House.

Congratulations, you just beat the postgame of Digimon World: Next Order and unlocked the DNA-Digivolution of Boltboutamon!