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All consumable dishes in Digimon World: Next Order

Feeding your Digimon is one of the essential duties you have to take care of as a Tamer in Digimon World: Next Order. Therefore, having food on hand to satiate the hunger of your partners is vital in beating the game.

However, while everyday items act as food, such as Meat, Fruits, Nuts, and more, there are also cooked dishes available to the Tamer, depending on their purse's depth and skill as a cook. These dishes often offer a variance of stat-enhancing modifiers and additional boosts that make them superior to regular consumable items.

When it comes to these unique dishes, you can broadly separate them into two distinct categories: Restaurant bought food and self-cooked meals. Former often offer better effects ranging from insane stat-boosts to life-prolonging measures while costing a hefty sum of Bit, while later shorten downtime while being out in the wild training.

But, of course, there are pros and cons for each consumable category, and you have to decide which suits your current in-game situation best!

NameCategoryObtained throughPrice
Over Done MeatCookingRestaurant1500 Bit
Volcano Meat/Veg FryVegetable CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Super Hot DrinkDrink CookingRestaurant1500 Bit
Red-Hot RamenNut CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Spicy Fish FryFish CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Lava Mushroom PotWild Mushroom CookingRestaurant5000 Bit
Burning CurryNut CookingRestaurant8000 Bit
Thick Hot SteakCookingRestaurant10000 Bit
Mellow Rock WaterDrink CookingRestaurant1500 Bit
Tofu SushiNut CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Catch of the DayFish CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Seasonal Fruit PlatterFruit CookingRestaurant4000 Bit
Marinated Forest VegVegetable CookingRestaurant6000 Bit
Local UdonNut CookingRestaurant5000 Bit
Colorful Mushroom SoupWild Mushroom CookingRestaurant8000 Bit
Sushi PlatterFish CookingRestaurant10000 Bit
Morning SoupDrink CookingRestaurant1500 Bit
Curly FriesVegetable CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Juicy Fried MeatCookingRestaurant2000 Bit
ABC BurgerFish CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Fried Food BucketVegetable CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Bullet BurgerNut CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Absolute CheeseburgerCookingRestaurant4000 Bit
Multi-burgerCookingRestaurant5000 Bit
Lop SodaDrink CookingRestaurant1500 Bit
Lop ShakeDrink CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Lop LatteDrink CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Lop Fruit PieFruit CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Amazing ChocolateNut CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Carefree StickNut CookingRestaurant3000 Bit
Parade BiscuitNut CookingRestaurant4000 Bit
Snowy Rice CakeNut CookingRestaurant5000 Bit
Rainbow DrinkDrink CookingRestaurant5000 Bit
Pure White SaladVegetable CookingRestaurant8000 Bit
Paradise Fruit BasketFruit CookingRestaurant10000 Bit
Nice Mushroom PastaWild Mushroom CookingRestaurant30000 Bit
Gold Sauce TerrineNut CookingRestaurant30000 Bit
Dazzling CarpaccioFish CookingRestaurant50000 Bit
Luxury StewCookingRestaurant50000 Bit
Heaven's Gem SweetsFruit CookingRestaurant100000 Bit
Hot DogCookingRestaurant1000 Bit
Pop CornNut CookingRestaurant600 Bit
Fruit CrepeFruit CookingRestaurant2000 Bit
Soda FloatDrink CookingRestaurant1000 Bit
Simple SteakCookingCooking-
Giant SteakCookingCooking-
Premium SteakCookingCooking-
Sliced Well Done MeatCookingCooking-
Very Aged MeatCookingCooking-
Marbled SteakCookingCooking-
Cubed SteakCookingCooking-
Steel SteakCookingCooking-
Colorful SteakCookingCooking-
Baked Cheerful AppleFruit CookingCooking-
Conductor Lemon SliceFruit CookingCooking-
Roasted Golden AcornFruit CookingCooking-
Baby Strawberry JamFruit CookingCooking-
Peeled ChestnutFruit CookingCooking-
Whole Orange BananaFruit CookingCooking-
Cut Rotting MelonFruit CookingCooking-
Dry Cloudy OrangeFruit CookingCooking-
Confusion Cherry JamFruit CookingCooking-
Ginseng StickVegetable CookingCooking-
Sakura Bird Radish StickVegetable CookingCooking-
Obscure Onion FryVegetable CookingCooking-
Drizzle Cabbage FryVegetable CookingCooking-
Soft Gold Pumpkin FryVegetable CookingCooking-
Spotted Tomato SlicesVegetable CookingCooking-
Jaguar Potato ChipsVegetable CookingCooking-
Kamon Aubergine SideVegetable CookingCooking-
Mandrake EssenceVegetable CookingCooking-
Baked DigistalkWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Baked Green DigistalkWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Baked Frostcut MushroomWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Baked Unlucky ShroomWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Baked Deluxe MushroomWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Baked Fighty FungusWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Baked Nutty MushroomWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Coriander SoupWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Boiled Scratchy GrassWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Salty CandyNut CookingCooking-
SquaresNut CookingCooking-
Boiled SurpriseNut CookingCooking-
Onigiri Rice BallNut CookingCooking-
Freshly Baked BreadNut CookingCooking-
Stinky TofuNut CookingCooking-
Sweet Bean JellyNut CookingCooking-
Cobb NoodlesNut CookingCooking-
Refined Oily FruitNut CookingCooking-
Hot Digital Ion WaterDrink CookingCooking-
Chilled Neon DrinkDrink CookingCooking-
File Soda Ice CreamDrink CookingCooking-
Hot Infini-WaterDrink CookingCooking-
Deluxe Hot WaterDrink CookingCooking-
Absolute Zero IceDrink CookingCooking-
Hot Triangular MilkDrink CookingCooking-
Deep Sea RockDrink CookingCooking-
Phantom Nectar SakeDrink CookingCooking-
Digifry PotFish CookingCooking-
Baked DigicrucianFish CookingCooking-
Simmered DigikoiFish CookingCooking-
Washed DigicarpFish CookingCooking-
Simmered DigibitterlingFish CookingCooking-
Smoked DigisalmonFish CookingCooking-
Baked DigitroutFish CookingCooking-
Baked Black DigitroutFish CookingCooking-
Steamed DigiloachFish CookingCooking-
Broiled DigieelFish CookingCooking-
Broiled DigicatfishFish CookingCooking-
Baked DigiarowanaFish CookingCooking-
Baked DigipirarucuFish CookingCooking-
Baked DigisnakeheadFish CookingCooking-
Digituna SashimiFish CookingCooking-
Meat and RiceCookingCooking-
Meat and PotatoesCookingCooking-
Fried ChickenCookingCooking-
Meat and Vegetable FryCookingCooking-
Lemon SteakCookingCooking-
Steak and RadishCookingCooking-
Junk FoodCookingCooking-
Risky Full CourseCookingCooking-
Sugar RoastCookingCooking-
Fighting Spirit HotpotCookingCooking-
Crispy BaconCookingCooking-
Chop SueyCookingCooking-
Candy AppleFruit CookingCooking-
Snacking NutsFruit CookingCooking-
Strawberry Sweet RiceFruit CookingCooking-
Sweet Chestnut JellyFruit CookingCooking-
Chestnut GlaceFruit CookingCooking-
Tropical ParfaitFruit CookingCooking-
Ham and MelonFruit CookingCooking-
Frozen OrangeFruit CookingCooking-
Cherry PieFruit CookingCooking-
Fresh SaladVegetable CookingCooking-
Wild SaladVegetable CookingCooking-
Pumpkin PuddingVegetable CookingCooking-
Fried PumpkinVegetable CookingCooking-
Tomato PizzaVegetable CookingCooking-
Sun SaladVegetable CookingCooking-
Clever PotatoVegetable CookingCooking-
Aubergine and Meat FryVegetable CookingCooking-
Sweet AubergineVegetable CookingCooking-
Plain SoupWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Mountain SweetsWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Mushroom SkewerWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Egg CustardWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Dark PotWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Mushroom FryWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Mushrooms and RiceWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Neptune JuiceWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Pot LuckWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Herb SoupWild Mushroom CookingCooking-
Sweet LoveNut CookingCooking-
Egg and RiceNut CookingCooking-
Fried EggNut CookingCooking-
Sweet Bean PasteNut CookingCooking-
Cold PastaNut CookingCooking-
Acorn BreadNut CookingCooking-
Anchovy RamenNut CookingCooking-
Meat and TofuNut CookingCooking-
Tofu Miso SoupNut CookingCooking-
Boiled TofuNut CookingCooking-
Steamed BunNut CookingCooking-
Jelly and SyrupNut CookingCooking-
Fake Filled PancakeNut CookingCooking-
Shaved IceNut CookingCooking-
Salted KelpNut CookingCooking-
SangriaDrink CookingCooking-
Apple SodaDrink CookingCooking-
Lemon SquashDrink CookingCooking-
Dark DrinkDrink CookingCooking-
Strawberry MilkDrink CookingCooking-
Banana MilkDrink CookingCooking-
Kelp TeaDrink CookingCooking-
Life DropDrink CookingCooking-
Baby FishFish CookingCooking-
Carp SushiFish CookingCooking-
Boiled KelpFish CookingCooking-
Pickled SideFish CookingCooking-
Candied ChestnutsFish CookingCooking-
Golden CarpFish CookingCooking-
Fish Grilled with SaltFish CookingCooking-
Fish in MisoFish CookingCooking-
Salmon in SauceFish CookingCooking-
Red SalmonFish CookingCooking-
Radish and FishFish CookingCooking-
Trout SushiFish CookingCooking-
Fried Black FishFish CookingCooking-
Fish StewFish CookingCooking-
Boiled FishFish CookingCooking-
Sweet EelFish CookingCooking-
Egg and EelFish CookingCooking-
Fish PotFish CookingCooking-
Fried CatfishFish CookingCooking-
Boiled Tropical FishFish CookingCooking-
Devil's SupperFish CookingCooking-
Minced Fish in MisoFish CookingCooking-
King's DishFish CookingCooking-
Giant Fish MeuniereFish CookingCooking-
Tuna TartareFish CookingCooking-
Oily TunaFish CookingCooking-