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Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter from Digimon World: Next Order

Quick Facts

Name Treasure Hunter
District Entertainment

Treasure Hunter's inhabitants

Icon Name
Turuiemon digimon world: next order field guide icon Turuiemon Increases the chance of getting rarer items from the Treasure Hunter courses. On Mondays, this chance is at its highest amounting to 20%.
Garudamon digimon world: next order field guide icon Garudamon Runs the Treasure Hunter enabling you to find common and rare items.

Upgrade costs

Level Materials Upgrade description
2 50 DigiCopper, 20 Black Digizoit Adds a new course.
3 50 DigiIron, 20 Red Digizoit Adds a new course.

Treasure Hunter rewards

Icon Name Course Rank Course Name
Strength Chip Mini icon Strength Chip Mini 2 Beginner Course (2 Days)
Super Recovery Holo-Disc icon Super Recovery Holo-Disc 3 Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Large Double Disc icon Large Double Disc 3 Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Utility Booster S icon Utility Booster S 3 Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Machinimarine icon Machinimarine 3 Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Purinegrine icon Purinegrine 3 Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Negrilupine icon Negrilupine 3 Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Super Double Disc icon Super Double Disc 4 Advanced Course (4 Days)
Full Recovery Holo-Disc icon Full Recovery Holo-Disc 4 Advanced Course (4 Days)
Super Regen Disc icon Super Regen Disc 4 Advanced Course (4 Days)
Supermyriadine icon Supermyriadine 4 Advanced Course (4 Days)
Impudentine icon Impudentine 4 Advanced Course (4 Days)
Misericordisenexine icon Misericordisenexine 4 Advanced Course (4 Days)
Super Double Holo-Disc icon Super Double Holo-Disc 5 Special Course (5 Days)
Utility Booster X icon Utility Booster X 5 Special Course (5 Days)
Salicelerine icon Salicelerine 5 Special Course (5 Days)
Summanegrine icon Summanegrine 5 Special Course (5 Days)