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Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter from Digimon World: Next Order

Quick Facts

NameTreasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter's inhabitants

Turuiemon digimon world: next order field guide iconTuruiemonIncreases the chance of getting rarer items from the Treasure Hunter courses. On Mondays, this chance is at its highest amounting to 20%.
Garudamon digimon world: next order field guide iconGarudamonRuns the Treasure Hunter enabling you to find common and rare items.

Upgrade costs

LevelMaterialsUpgrade description
250 DigiCopper, 20 Black DigizoitAdds a new course.
350 DigiIron, 20 Red DigizoitAdds a new course.

Treasure Hunter rewards

IconNameCourse RankCourse Name
Strength Chip Mini iconStrength Chip Mini2Beginner Course (2 Days)
Super Recovery Holo-Disc iconSuper Recovery Holo-Disc3Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Large Double Disc iconLarge Double Disc3Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Utility Booster S iconUtility Booster S3Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Machinimarine iconMachinimarine3Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Purinegrine iconPurinegrine3Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Negrilupine iconNegrilupine3Intermediate Course (3 Days)
Super Double Disc iconSuper Double Disc4Advanced Course (4 Days)
Full Recovery Holo-Disc iconFull Recovery Holo-Disc4Advanced Course (4 Days)
Super Regen Disc iconSuper Regen Disc4Advanced Course (4 Days)
Supermyriadine iconSupermyriadine4Advanced Course (4 Days)
Impudentine iconImpudentine4Advanced Course (4 Days)
Misericordisenexine iconMisericordisenexine4Advanced Course (4 Days)
Super Double Holo-Disc iconSuper Double Holo-Disc5Special Course (5 Days)
Utility Booster X iconUtility Booster X5Special Course (5 Days)
Salicelerine iconSalicelerine5Special Course (5 Days)
Summanegrine iconSummanegrine5Special Course (5 Days)