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Field from Digimon World: Next Order

Quick Facts

District Agricultural

Upgrade costs

Level Materials Upgrade description
2 20 DigiDeepwater, 10 DigiAcid, 20 DigiSand, 10 DigiWhitewood Increases the number of fields.
3 20 DigiOil, 10 DigiSap, 20 DigiStone, 10 DigiGreatwood Increases the number of fields.
4 30 DigiSap, 10 DigiLatex, 20 DigiRock, 10 DigiBamboo Increases the number of fields.
5 30 DigiIonwater, 10 DigiRainbowdrop, 20 DigiLight, 10 DigiGodwood Increases the number of fields.

Field's stock

IconItem NameVendorUpgrade StagePrice
Salty Fruit iconSalty FruitWoodmon-100 Bit
Quick Fruit iconQuick FruitWoodmon-100 Bit
Acrid Fruit iconAcrid FruitWoodmon-100 Bit
Rolly Fruit iconRolly FruitWoodmon-100 Bit
Duty Fruit iconDuty FruitWoodmon-300 Bit
Dozy Fruit iconDozy FruitWoodmon-300 Bit
Az Nut iconAz NutWoodmon-300 Bit
Cobb Fruit iconCobb FruitWoodmon-500 Bit
Oily Fruit iconOily FruitWoodmon-500 Bit